May 2007 Colorado Rockies Magazine Brad Hawpe Astrological Profile


Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, is a devoted baseball fan and writer. Based in Berkeley, CA, and raised in Queens, NY, Andrea has a monthly column at, and her work has appeared on various ESPN media, including SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, ESPN News, Cold Pizza, Page 2, and ESPN Radio. She has been quoted in the New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times, Oakland Tribune, and many others, including the book "FantasyLand," a book on fantasy baseball by Wall St. Journal author Sam Walker.

Using Brad Hawpe's date and place of birth, Ms. Mallis has put together an astrological profile of Brad and his 2007 season.

Brad Hawpe was born June 22nd, 1979 in Fort Worth, Texas. Brad is an emotional water sign Cancer, born on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Food, family, and feelings reign supreme in Cancers' universe. Powerful attachments to the past make domestic security vital. Maintaining connections to roots and sustaining family bonds are important to Brad he is married with a daughter. Cancers are loyal and devoted.

Mars, the planet of energy, assertion, and aggression, is a crucial planet for an athlete. Brad has Mars in determined Taurus. Once this slugger sets his mind on a goal, dedication and commitment prove extraordinary. Like Aesop's tortoise, he labors patiently. Stamina and persistence are his great strengths.

The 2007 season is an auspicious one, culminating in Brad's Saturn Return, a karmic phase of new beginnings and increased ambition that occurs approximately at age 28-29. Brad may feel more volatile during this transformative time. His ability to remain calm and assertive will be tested.

Brad should be mindful in August as Saturn (limitation) makes a challenging aspect to Mars (energy). Saturn also rules the skeletal structure (bones, knees, back, and joints), so it's best to remain aware of health and fortify early. September is purposeful and steady, with Brad exhibiting the ability to work towards goals. Here Brad gains recognition for tasks well executed. Successful in his undertakings, it's an excellent time for long-range career planning and dealing with those in authority.

Blessed with a strong, accurate arm, Brad had 16 outfield assists in 2006, second most in the majors, and his 27 OF assists rank third in Rockies history. He ranks with the best right field arms in baseball - getting on top of the ball and getting excellent carry on his throws. A member of the Rockies since the 2004 season, his 2006 season was a career best as he set highs in every major statistical category. Feasting on right hand pitching, he hit 22 home runs and batted .293. Curiously, 17 out of his 22 home runs were hit away from Coors Field. Brad attended LSU and won a College World Series with the team. Brad proudly represents some of the best homegrown talent the Rockies have to offer.

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