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- April 2000 Horoscope -

ots of planets in Aries this month, the Sun, Mercury and Venus, so the energy will be there to embark upon new ventures. Use this eager dynamism to initiate new projects. New Moon in Aries is on April 4th, plant seeds for new beginnings while casting off egotism. Full Moon in Libra on the 18th reminds us all of sacred balance, and to think of others.

Aries-Happy Birthday to the young souls of the zodiac. Venus enters Aries for a totally new you, you may be desirous of a makeover to bolster your self-confidence. Mercury enters your pioneering sign for new mental beginnings. You are especially convincing and able to get your point across. With three planets in your strongly self-oriented sign, you are poised for exciting new beginnings in all areas of your lifepath.

Taurus- Mars conjoins Jupiter in Taurus. You feel very sure of yourself and are willing to take a few risks, You have some original ideas about how to promote yourself, and you can put your ideas into action. Mid month Mars joins Saturn in Taurus- a slowing down of sorts--a cosmic brake or break.

Gemini-You're spending more time with friends and may decide to join a new club or organization whose members have thoughts and feelings similar to your own. An opportunity to travel to a foreign country may be presented to you by a friend. You're interested in broadening your horizons.

Cancer-You'll find great satisfaction in your career and may be involved in several meetings in which taking the initiative could pay off. There will be plenty of social activities related to both business and pleasure. You want to share your feelings and also be appreciated by others.

Leo-Maintain high standards at your work. Be aggressive about bringing yourself to the notice of those in authority, and prepare to have your contributions acknowledged. You may be considering looking for a position that offers more responsibility. You also may begin to appreciate your parents.

Virgo-You're interested in thinking about your philosophy, beliefs and spiritual path. You want to take a deeper look at what is happening in your life path, so that you can find a more spiritual truth and grow as a person.

Libra-Partnerships are on your mind, and you may have a chance to make much needed improvements. The Libra Full Moon provides new partnership beginnings. You'll think about jointly owned possessions. Your ingenuity comes up with several ways to achieve financial goals.

Scorpio-Your interactions with co-workers and employees are very congenial, and you may decide to get to know them better. If your relationships aren't meeting your needs, you take the initiative and let them know what is on your mind. Secretiveness will not serve you well.

Sagittarius-You're very sociable now and want to be close to friends. You consider your health and may come to the conclusion that you need a better diet, and more exercise. You are working hard to keep up with your duties, especially on the job. If you been sloppy before, you decide to improve your work environment.

Capricorn-You're in the mood to entertain, and be entertained-your might begin planning a party to celebrate spring. Relationships with family members are improved. An opportunity to capitalize on your resources comes your way, and you may be able to earn additional income from a unique talent or skill you possess.

Aquarius-Your family makes your feel secure, despite the fleeting feeling that you may have to give up some of your precious personal freedom. Domestic matters may take up a lot of your time. Several organizations may want to utilize your talent.

Pisces-You have many talents that can be put to good use, and you may meet someone who inspires you to see other ways in which you can utilize your skills. You'll probably be busier than usual with lots of local travel. A change in your financial situation -for the better--is a distinct possibility.

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