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Planetary Currents
- August
2000 Horoscope -

Mars enters dramatic Leo on August 1st.
Venus enters modest Virgo on August 6th.
Mercury enters Leo on August 7th.

aturn enters Gemini on August 9th for the first time since 1973. Although the influence of Saturn is a little quixotic in mercurial, unstable Gemini, you can still have the ability to buckle down to the tasks at hand. Saturn transits through Gemini throughout October 16th, when it retrogrades back into Taurus for the remainder of the year. It returns to Gemini again in January of 2001.

Jupiter is already in Gemini, so expect much communication, increased learning opportunities, publishing and travel plans to flourish.

Sun enters hard-working Virgo on the August 22nd.Mercury also enters practical Virgo August 22nd.Venus enters graceful Libra on August 30th.

Full Moon August 15th in Aquarius-let your eccentric side shine. New Moon August 29th in Virgo----back to work, back to school.

Aries-Your momentum for achieving success is stronger now. Confirmation of your efforts from others is extremely rewarding. You're very busy either making arrangements for parties or attending other fun events. You're more apt to take a spur-of-the-moment short distance trip because you are in the mood for adventure. You want to be out and about meeting unusual people. You may be a bit impulsive when it comes to dealing with friends and associates.

Taurus-You'll enjoy creative endeavors, interactions with family members and romantic adventures. Your social calendar is going to be jam-packed with possibilities. You may have difficulties balancing your career and home responsibilities. An unexpected home repair may cost you a bundle.

Gemini-The desire to beautify your home pervades. Of course, since you can be many people simultaneously, an eclectic look is probably the best approach. You'll chat up antique dealers, decorators and sales people for fresh ideas. Expect to be busy at work too, signing documents and writing many correspondences.

Cancer-Put your resources to work. By making the best use of your time and energy, you'll assure growth on several fronts. Avoid becoming involved in disputes that are not yours. Near the Full Moon on the 15th, you will be confronting past relationship problems, and they can emerge in the guise of arguments over money.

Leo-With Mercury and Mars both in Leo, your idea of what you want in a partner can change from one minute to the next. You could even be tempted to do something radical on the spur of the moment, like divorce your partner. Mars is energy, assertion and aggression, and with feisty Mars stirring you up, proceed with caution, especially in matters of the heart.

Virgo-With Venus, the planet of love and beauty in your sign the focus is on YOU. Not usually comfortable in the spotlight, now is a good time to revamp your image. Since Virgo's practically created self-improvement, any tasks you undertake now will result in enormous progress. Try a new hairstyle and buy a new wardrobe. Those frayed nerves need a bit of pampering, so luxuriate in a soothing bath or get a massage. You have astrological permission to indulge yourself--then you will be ready for a fresh start and emerge reborn on the Virgo New Moon on the 29th.

Libra-Whether your inspiration is spiritual or romantic you will be eager to channel it into your work. The promise of advancement is fulfilled. All things in harmony of your highest needs are possible. Friends play a significant role. Share a memorable experience, your favorite pastime or entertainment on the Full Moon on the 15th.

Scorpio-You'll find group associations appealing, even business meetings where you are in charge of the proceedings hold your interest. Others look to you for guidance now, and you could end up being a mentor. Invitations to weddings and other sociable events roll in, so plan a get together with friends before your social calendar fills up.

Sagittarius-A spiritual teacher could come into your life, so keep a sharp lookout. Wanderlust hits you hard and you want to travel to a faraway place-the more exotic the better. Your career opportunities grow through academic accomplishments, promotional activities, publishing or conferences.

Capricorn- Dreaming about a romantic rendezvous with a mate in an exotic setting shows you haven't left all your dreams behind in your pursuit of success. Your encounters with others take on a deeper and more intense tone, and you find yourself analyzing everyone's words for hidden meanings.

Aquarius-Full Moon in your eccentric sign shows your awareness of others is very keen now. Always full of surprises, you may be tempted to change your appearance radically. With Mars in your 7th house of partnerships, you could feel your partner is trying to make you something you are not, which could lead to an angry confrontation. If you want spice in your life, you will get it!

Pisces- Venus enters Virgo and your 7th house of relationships, so expect partnerships to be a major focus this month. You want to share meaningful moments with a partner one-on-one, and you will do all you can to fulfill that need. Existing relationships can reach a new understanding as well. A conflict between your career and personal life can take its toll.

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