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Planetary Currents
- August 1999 -

he "cosmic buzz" this month is the mighty August 11th New Moon Solar Eclipse in dynamic Leo that forms a fixed Grand Square (or cross). Eclipses tend to polarize situations and are dramatic wild cards. They shake up our thinking so we can move to a new level of evolution. This month's powerful configuration shows a need to balance conflicting interests and obligations. We're truly at a universal crossroads, both personal and planetary in this last eclipse before the millenium-- Nostradamus mentioned the significance of this particular eclipse 450 years ago! We're being asked to let go of what's no longer for highest good and greatest growth. Not an easy task, especially for the fixed signs involved: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus. Ancient astrologers felt the fixed signs represented initiation, changing of the guards, rite of passage. Those with planets in these fixed signs will feel changes most acutely, as energies appear to be blocked. Inflexible ways of being are challenged; deep-seated issues come to the surface for healing. Be resourceful and imaginative as things are lost and gained. Use this vital energy and be an agent for your own transformation. As Uranus in Aquarius pushes for change, and as Mars in Scorpio butts heads with Saturn in Taurus. Expect frustration and tensions to multiply. "As above, so below". Feelings of stubbornness run high-- be patient as new archetypes are being birthed into the collective consciousness. The promise of new beginnings is revealing itself, albeit through the chaos of endings.

On a more mundane level, Mercury goes direct on August 5th, as communication matters take a giant leap forward. Although it's a prime vacation month, you may want to take it easy during the week of the Eclipse. Venus retrograding in Virgo reminds us to reassess values and relationships. Full Moon in philosophical Pisces on the 26th offers a contemplative break-- use this time to reflect upon what your true goals are in this lifetime. (If you know your rising sign, please read that too).

Aries-Take time for vacationing, being creative and spending time with the kids. With a strong fifth house focus, romance, pleasure, hobbies, sports will receive special emphasis. During the solar eclipse on August 11th, your tendency to be impatient and insist on having your way intensifies. Passion' s at a high point. Don't ignore the needs of others, and don't take things too personally! Jupiter and Saturn begin to retrograde at month's end in your money house, so expect delays in initiating deals and payments. Hold off on major purchases. Be mindful of your health, as a retrograde Venus visits your sixth house prompting you to slow down and take better care of yourself.

Taurus-The Solar Eclipse will have a strong impact with cautious Saturn in your sign being opposed by impatient Mars in Scorpio. Delegate unnecessary tasks and avoid power struggles. Drink herbal teas; try to relax and rest. You have cosmic permission to retreat from hectic demands and be a bit of a couch potato. With your ruling planet Venus retrograde, self-confidence and self-esteem are not what they should be. Put off buying clothes, jewelry. The Solar Eclipse on the 11th may force long term changes in your career and domestic situation. Don't make rash decisions one way or another. Usually easy-going, beware of tendencies to blow your stack! Expect tugs-of-war, yet avoid needless quarrels.

Gemini-Mental interests, communications and travel can be rewarding with the Sun in your third house until the 23rd. With Mercury, (your ruling planet) now direct after the 5th, its an ideal time to sign contracts and reach agreements. Delayed deals and payments start to move forward again. The Eclipse affects you less than most, pointing towards great change in neighborhood, spiritual life and work. Though you have urges for foreign travel, its best to re-schedule this for later dates. Stick to short term domestic travel. Love is rather delicate-- its better to reformulate ideals of love with Venus retrograde till September 11th. Think before you speak with loved ones. You may discover that you are no longer willing to compromise, especially if you have discovered fatal flaws in you relationship.

Cancer-The Solar Eclipse on the 11th may create some financial changes. Brewing financial situations may reach a climax. You have a great opportunity to realign budget and expenditures in accordance with changing needs. Let your choices reflect true inner worth. Give money matters extra time and energy, so when the dust settles you'll be in better financial shape then before. Although the nature of eclipses is to obscure the reality of situations, things will turn out better than you think. Security minded Cancers can relax a bit! Mercury going direct on the 5th has communication and transportation problems easing up. Domestic situations and relations with siblings improve. Work matters stabilize as Pluto resumes direct motion in your employment sector.

Leo-With the Solar Eclipse in your courageous sign, its wise to remember that the Cosmos never gives you more than you can handle. You may feel pushed to the limit as past, present, and future merge dramatically in this unforgettable birthday month. The rare Grand Square in the heavens shows that something major is being built and established in your life. You are at a crossroads indeed, feeling growing pains. Try and take a lighter schedule a couple of days before and after the eclipse. Spend more time at home, reading, meditating or doing non stressful things. Avoid going to extremes emotionally. As work and family make demands on your time, you may feel like you're in a pressure cooker. Break out of old patterns in relationships and let partners do their own thing.

Virgo-Attention focuses on inner concerns as self-analysis is heightened. Your ruling planet Mercury move forwards on the 5th, restoring clarity and mental sharpness to thinking. Those involved in sales, marketing or communications have a banner month. Venus retrograde won't stop earnings, but may delay profits. Things seem to take forever, no matter how hard working you are. Do more research before making any major investments or purchases. The eclipse visits your twelfth house; look to your dream life to be extremely active this month. You may change gurus or churches or take on a new spiritual discipline in the next six months. Relationship partners may need space and back away, so use Venus retrograde wisely to re-think and get clarity surrounding relationship issues. Partnerships are re-emphasized during the Full Moon on August 26th.

Libra-Inner yearnings may not be fully realized unless you are honest with yourself about those powerful urges and deep-seated needs. The Solar Eclipse on August 11th emphasizes your dynamic connections with friends. It's also a time for releasing unrealized goals, while creating a pathway for renewed hopes. This is a potent period of change, release and forgiveness. Don't waste time trying to please others. The retrograde of Venus, (your ruler,) suggests a need to be more in planning mode rather than execution. The eclipse effects your friendships and group involvements-- your relations could be in crisis! Hopes and wishes are dramatically revised. False friends are exposed now. Perhaps you quit an organization to join another. Love is stormy--expect ultra highs and lows.

Scorpio-Never one to experience things halfway, look for the Solar Eclipse on the 11th to hit you hard! Destructive or unhealthy relationships may become more problematic and finally end around the eclipse. Relationships in general seem to be moving backwards rather than forwards. Getting ahead career wise is a major focus as attention is set on business matters and dealings with authority figures. Job or career changes are beneficial in the long run but stressful in the short run. Finances improve as Pluto resumes direct motion in your money sector. With Mars in your determined sign being opposed by Saturn, you may feel like one foot's on the gas and one's on the brake. Avoid needless talk, action and emotionalism. Keep a cool head and discern responsibilities.

Sagittarius-Lucky Sag-the effects of the eclipse is not that challenging. Keep a low profile; avoid power struggles and undue self-assertion. With lots of planetary activity in your ninth house, travel (especially long distance), education and publishing matters are all highlighted. Dealings with in-laws increase, so avoid conversations about politics and religion. The right job is out there for job seekers-- be patient as the stage needs prep for new settings. Your love life expands after the 11th. Foreign trysts or sojourns involving love are likely; exotic foreigners may enter your life. More aware to your soul's calling, you're tempted to break away from old traditions. A period of awakening and heightened awareness draws your focus to the larger picture, encouraging broadening horizons in efforts to create more fulfilling realities.

Capricorn-The Solar Eclipse, Mercury and a retrograde Venus in your eighth house may present obstacles to proper handling of joint resources, investments and long- term financial security. Tax or estate matters need attention as well. "Neither a borrower or a lender be" is a good adage to follow at this time. Finances tend to be erratic during this period; compromise and let time be the resolver. Saturn, (your ruling planet), retrogrades on the 30th, reminding you that a "me first" attitude may not work. Always cautious, when in doubt, do nothing. Many changes and upheavals are happening in the world and it is not clear what the final pattern will be. The Solar Eclipse may stir up some psychic debris. Beware of emotional fallout!

Aquarius-The Eclipse on the 11th will have you rockin' and rollin' especially in the areas of partnerships, legal matters and alliances. Reevaluate attitudes toward marriage or other important partners with the Solar Eclipse in your seventh house. This is a stressful month, so take some preventative measure to smooth out the rough cosmic weather. Assess your situation and see where negatives can be turned into positives. The rule of thumb during the Solar Eclipse period is if you don't absolutely have to do something, then don't. Reschedule for a less stressful time, as turmoil can escalate quickly. Although explosive emotional outbursts are not your style, you do need to vent. You may even have to bear the brunt of someone else's anger. Don't make unreasonable demands of a partner. Release old hurts-hanging on to pain delays healing.

Pisces-The Solar Eclipse brings job changes and opportunity for exciting new assignments. Prepare for some interruptions to your schedule, and clarify what's expected of you on the job. Utilize time to improve your work environment, eliminating things that impede productivity. Defects in current systems are revealed, so you can make constructive changes. Creativity runs high, but hard work is essential to yield success. Finances are a challenge, don't spend money you haven't got yet. Take good care of yourself, as you maybe called upon in service to others during this transformational time. Many of you may change doctors, healers, or health regimes, and improve eating and working habits. You might even decide to join a health club and begin a regular program of physical exercise. Full Moon in your emotional sign increases confidence ten fold, so go for it!


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