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- December Horoscope 1999 -

upiter, the planet of expansion, faith, and optimism begins to move forward in the heavens on December 20th. Hope and renewal are yours for the asking when Jupiter moves forward in the heavens. A higher level of opportunity for those seeking to expand their spiritual awareness will be present for the next 4 days. The 20th and 21st will provide a window of releasing, letting go of the past completely, if that is the desire within you. Blessed Winter Solstice, as the Sun enters no nonsense Capricorn at 11:44 p.m. on December 21st. New ideas and attitudes are likely in your home and office. Keep things simple and practical. Focus on professional life, career pursuits, or finding your niche in society. Light is returning, even though this is the darkest hour. Celebrate the return to the light by keeping your internal flame burning brightly.

A time of illumination truly awaits us, as a Full Moon in emotional Cancer on the 22nd, heralds this Solstice. This year will be the first full moon to occur on the Winter Solstice in a very long time. It will be a super bright full moon, much more than the usual--and it hasn't happened this way for 133 years! The moon will appear about 14% fuller as well. Full Moons bring times of completion and emotional overload, so be compassionate with yourself. Nostalgic Cancer Moon places a renewed focus on home, family, and domestic life. Enjoy spending the holiday socializing with old friends. Nurture yourself and loved ones. Focus attention on personal goals, as we head into the new millennium. Choose a path of illumination, peace and love! Merry Christmas to those on December 25th as moon in playful Leo makes opening presents a special delight. Feelings of warmth and generosity prevail. You're in the mood for festive parties and for being the center of attention. Go within for approval rather than constantly seeking an audience. Dance, music and films are in style. Count your blessings; cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Aries-Keep an eye out for people and resources that can assist you. Review your career with a special focus on meeting deeper, more personal needs. With Mercury in your ninth house, you have an edge in legal matters. Your mental powers can help you come up with great new ideas for arguments in your favor.

Taurus-Several planets in your eighth house enhance your ability to deal with deep emotional issues. You can easily deal with the most profound and wide-ranging subjects. Be open to a chance to expand beyond current limitations. It's a good time to apply for a loan if you need one; money could come more easily to you than usual. You'll also feel more harmony and good will in the work place.

Gemini-Relationship with co-workers can be friendly and harmonious as long as you avoid arguments. You might find an opportunity to improve your image in the work place. No matter what your usual occupation, (being a Gemini, you may have several) explore the more artistic parts of any job. A holiday bonus or surplus of cash may arrive under the 22nd Full Moon.

Cancer-Full Moon on the 22nd in your sensitive sign has you extra emotional during this lunar phase. Integrate Father Sun (male) and Mother Moon (female) principles in your lifepath. Friends come and go, but at least one long term partnership will be established. Family draws closer and a spirit of romance and fun surrounds the holiday. Keep zeroing in on career plans as well.

Leo-The Leo Moon makes for a joyous Christmas Eve and Day. Enjoy all the glamour and festivity you've been waiting for. You couldn't ask for a better time to socialize with old friends and new acquaintances. Hearts are definitely in tune. Play music with fellow musicians or listen to your favorite composers.

Virgo-As the zodiac's perfectionist, relax, all your holiday packages have been sent. Now you can start sending out all those thank you cards! You may want to keep tabs on a teenager's curfew this week. It's a good time to let your extended family know how much you love and need them.

Libra-Conditions are favorable for entering into a new partnership. Relationships begun now have an ongoing sense of freedom and can be quite beneficial for your future. New ideas and fresh energy will improve any creative work you do. Be alert for problems in joint financial ventures. Take extra precautions to protect your share of the holdings.

Scorpio-Take advantage of Venus and Mercury in your intense sign. The holidays are extra busy and hectic. Just take one day at a time, and don't let too much stress build up. Next month life slows down to a more comfortable pace. With the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in your second house of finances, this is a rare opportunity for astute financial planning.

Sagittarius-The holidays bring occasion to socialize, entertain, and be entertained. Plan a day or weekend trip for sightseeing and fun, as Sags love to explore. Outdoor enthusiasts will especially enjoy athletic pursuits. This is a great time to use visualization to improve your physical activities. A child's achievements may fill you with pride.

Capricorn-Loaning money is not advised at this time, due to an unpredictable Venus Uranus pattern his week, so don't feel guilty about declining. With Mercury and Pluto conjunct, a little caution and apprehension goes a long way. When Jupiter goes direct in the 20th, expect a steady flow of guests, cards and calls to flood your home. The Cancer Full Moon on the 22nd hits you where you are vulnerable. Guard relationships and possessions that might become embroiled in controversy.

Aquarius-Although you may be burning the candle at both ends, Mars in your pioneering sign gives you energy to spare, as you dash from one social event to the next. Pacing yourself is crucial, since it's easy to push beyond your limits. Jupiter's return to direct motion untangles communication snags and allows for a few last minute travel plans. Share your joy and positive thoughts with friends and neighbors.

Pisces-This is your yearly career peak, so make the most of it. Making a speech, writing business reports or letters, or listening carefully to the office grapevine will further professional goals. Christmas Eve and Day may seem like all work and no play. Remember to listen to your inner self. Try to delegate work to others, so you can enjoy the festivities wholeheartedly.


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