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- February 2000 Horoscope -

ercury goes retrograde in Pisces on February 21st till March 14th. This provides us the much-needed opportunity to rethink and review our vision of where we are going with our creative life energies. The first Solar Eclipse of the new millennium occurs on February 5th. It's akin to a super New Moon, so be sure and plant seeds for creative changes. Since it is in the sign of Aquarius, you may want to focus upon friendship, humanitarian concerns and innovative ideas.

Jupiter reenters Taurus on the 14th, signaling an auspicious time to expand financial bases. Full Moon in ethereal Pisces on the 19th suggests time best spent in spiritual contemplation. It's also the Chinese New Year-the year of the dragon, the only supernatural animal of the Chinese zodiac. Our ability to manifest our dreams will be heightened, as the dragon energizes and motivates our dormant potential.

Aries-Mars in your active, energetic sign this month brings extra energy, vitality and good health. Schedule a job interview or make a presentation in the latter half of the month. Guard against restlessness, impulsiveness and irritability. Focus on how you can be more productive and self disciplined.

Taurus-The focus is on career concerns with the Sun in your 10th house until the 19th. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 5th is especially auspicious for starting new business ventures. With Venus your ruler joining in, expect increased popularity and recognition for your hard work.

Gemini-Your 9th house of foreign travel and higher education is highlighted; you could even receive encouraging news about publishing, educational or legal matters. You'll make progress with a research project. It's an excellent time to begin a new course of study or publish your work.

Cancer-Matters relating to investments, joint finances and long range financial security will be spotlighted. Choose the New Moon on the 5th to make loan applications and important investment decisions. Mars in your 10thhouse on the 11th indicates that you'll have extra drive and determination to get ahead and realize your ambitions.

Leo-Romance is accentuated with the Sun in your 7th house of relationships. Marriage and other alliances are highlighted; Romantic feelings are likely to deepen. With Saturn in your 10th house, you may be experiencing delays or extra responsibilities in your career now. Recognition from superiors as well as new chances for advancement beckon.

Virgo-Work, work and more work awaits you as the Sun transits your 6th house of work, health and service. Join a health club or revamp your existing routines. But remember your ruler Mercury is retrograde from February 21sttill March 12th. Minor mix-ups or delays relating to work matters can crop up. Mars in your 8th house after the 10th focus attention on practical investments.

Libra-Dating, creativity and romance are spotlighted with the Sun in your solar 5th house until the 19th. You're entertaining, affectionate and witty. You might even have good luck in gambling and speculation. Amuse yourself with art, music drama, and sports events. With Mars transiting your 7thhouse, partnerships are activated, whether personal or business. Expect some confrontations or rivalries as you try to act more independently.

Scorpio-Family matters are highlighted this month. The New Moon on the 5thfavors making important domestic decisions. Buying and selling of property is highlighted as well. With Venus in your 4th house after the 16th, home based activities should be fun. Expect to do more entertaining at home. Family get-togethers and decorating projects will prove very rewarding now. With Mars in your 6th house, you'll have renewed incentive to get ahead in life.

Sagittarius-Jupiter, your jovial ruler, moves into your 6th house this month. Avoid becoming overly critical or working too hard. The Full Moon opposing the Sun in your 4th house could make your feel overconfident. Be careful making decisions regarding domestic life. You might feel extravagant, take unnecessary risks and over extend yourself.

Capricorn-Finances are on your mind a lot with the Sun in your 2nd house until the 19th. Make revisions in investment strategies, and find new ways to improve property and belongings. Be ready to grasp financial opportunities--choose the New Moon on the 5th to launch new money making ventures. Travel, mental interests and communication with others will be highlighted when the Sun moves into your 3rd house after the 18th.

Aquarius-Happy Birthday February Aquarians! With the Sun in your 1st house until the 19th, get ready to experience a boost in self-confidence and move forward with personal plans. Do your own thing when the Sun and liberating Uranus conjunct on the 6th, following on the heels of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your eccentric sign. Your will power is strong now and you're excited about everything you do. You're lively and alert, but do watch your temper. Venus also transits your 1st house, lending a glamorous glow to your appearance. People are more attracted to you and compromise and diplomacy are enhanced.

Pisces-The overall direction of your life path becomes an issue for your personal New Year. You may find yourself asking hard questions and doing some soul-searching about your overall direction. Inner concerns and completion of unfinished projects are likely to be major focuses of interests. Devote time to mediations and contemplation with the New Moon on the 5th. Full Moon in your compassionate sign on the 19th reminds you to be gentle with yourself and others. After the 19th, you will have increased self-confidence and can effectively begin new ventures.


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