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- January 2000 Horoscope -

appy New Millennium! Make the most of the next thousand years! Make your resolutions and plan on sticking to them as the Sun trines Saturn (planet of discipline) on New Year's Day. Plant meaningful seeds for the New Year as you have the inner strength to do almost anything you set your mind to. Clarify strategies and goals and be alert to any openings that you can use to your advantage.

Chiron, (the wounded healer archetype) conjuncted Pluto, the planet of transformation at 2:39 am. on December 30th, so expect to feel the repercussions well into the New Year! Expect intense upheavals and transformations, personally and planetarily. The last time this happened was in 1941! An auspicious time for research, meditations and deep soul-searching. Tap into the unconscious realms. Learn about holistic healing; delve into various divination systems. Venus enters independent Sagittarius energizing travel; teaching and free- spiritedness. Mercury enters Capricorn for the next 3 weeks accentuating pragmatism, and patience in career and business matters.

Aries-Team sports and volunteering at charity events are very fulfilling to you now. Venus in your travel sector suggests journeys to new places, perhaps even spending New Years in a far away land. Tension can be a concern with someone as intense as you are, resolve to release negative energies through exercise and meditation.

Taurus-Education and travel is highlighted for you this month. Suggesting a rather adventurous leap into the New Millennium. Powerful investment schemes abound, but be careful investing more than you can afford to lose. Put effort into better money management so you can make the most of what you've already earned.

Gemini-Wanderlust got you in it clutches? If you're traveling it's quite possible that you'll begin a romance with someone you meet faraway, but that could be more temporary fireworks than long lasting romance. Your resolutions include taking better care of your health and adding more exercise to your routine. Your dream life is significant now; you may find yourself working through old issues in the dreamtime.

Cancer-A sacred balance continues between career and love. You have a great deal to do now on the job, and are very focused on ensuring that your work quality is high. Communicating with colleagues helps you do your work more efficiently. Being passionately involved with a romantic partner, you can't wait to get home to enjoy life and love.

Leo-Feeling more like a homebody? You may want to invite over some close friends for some fun. You have kept up quite a social whirl the past month; now a romantic partner may want you all to himself or herself. If a relationship needs a new footing, it can be created with vision and love. If you do need to break away, it can be done with grace.

Virgo-What you have been fretting about rather obsessively isn't nearly as bad as you fear. Continue to do some soul searching to find new ways to improve your self-image and put your best foot forward. Someone connected with your career suddenly looks very attractive to you. Creativity finds outside sources that provide you with additional inspirations for your first love: work.

Libra-Always the social butterfly, you are really enjoying the social whirl as you attend many parties, cultural events and meeting new people. You also spend more time and money on the children in your life. A child may need to share some special time with you. You crave more stability in your love life, despite a roving eye. Strike a balance-romance is energizing, but real love is lasting.

Scorpio-Innovative creative projects come to mind now, and you can earn money in interesting and new ways. You zealously embark on hone improvement projects-out with the old, in with the new. A long anticipated career break might manifest. You are busy dividing your time between the boardroom and the bedroom. You may even decide to make a permanent commitment to a partner now.

Sagittarius-Venus enters your adventurous sign giving you a true romantic edge. A charity group benefits from your expertise and take charge nature. You manage business contacts tactfully and end up quite successful in professional situations. A financial goal seems easier to accomplish than you first thought. Visiting with old friends puts you in a jovial mood-you may even generate a little adventure together without leaving your own neighborhood.

Capricorn-A professional decision requires careful analysis and with Mercury in your pragmatic sign, take plenty of time to mull it over. Make sure you have the facts before going forward, and then try to negotiate a better deal. A relaxed outlook at home balances career anxiety. A business related social event is a perfect way to relax with colleagues and meet people, some of whom might be instrumental in your career growth.

Aquarius- It's a favorable time to reexamine the structure in your life-does it reflect the person you truly are and what you want from life or could you rebel and take it further? Friends continue being highly important, as you reassess attachments and priorities. A group, whose interests used to mesh with your own, now seems to be veering off in a different direction. A friend with good professional instincts can offer guidance that can make a real difference in your life.

Pisces-Now's an excellent time to review methods used to accomplish professional tasks. Decide to revise and send out your resume if you feel that there are better opportunities available. In the year ahead, financial challenges can be resolved using both goodwill and ingenuity. A business deal seems sound and gives you a stable opportunity for both professional and financial growth.


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