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 Planetary Currents
- January 1999 -

appy New Year! May it begin a year ahead filled with abundance, good health and cosmic contentment. Full Moon on Jan. 1, lights up the New Year in expressive Cancer. New Moon on Jan. 17 in conscientious Capricorn reminds us of the resolutions we have made and our progress towards them. Another Full Moon - once in a blue moon, - when there are 2 full moons in the same month, occurs on Jan. 31 in radiant Leo. An auspicious way to start the New Year, indeed. Oh, the Weaver of the New Year's Fates is whispering to me. Here are some New Year's Resolutions for you. If you know your rising sign, please read that too.

Aries-Say good-bye to Saturn and feelings of constant testing and constriction, and hello to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism. You have just completed a 3 year cycle full of challenges, restrictions and development. Jupiter is in your fiery sign for most of 1999, opening you to opportunity, increased self-confidence and unparalleled growth. Jupiter is in spontaneous Aries once every 12 years, so GO FOR IT! Just be mindful not to overextend, especially financially. Exciting chances to travel and study are present all year long. Experience the alchemy of love, and let your adventurous spirit fly. Resolution: I welcome and value the support of others.

Taurus-An influential cycle for entering the New Year has arrived, as Saturn, the cosmic teacher, moves straightforward into earthy Taurus. This cycle represents hard work, serious examination and responsibility. Professional goals need to be balanced with new personal values and inner strengths. All work and no play can be dull, so you'll look forward to Jupiter going into your sensuous sign, over the summer. Be sure and incorporate new technologies into your career plans, as Uranus the great awakener, visits your tenth house of career. Resolution: I voluntarily release what no longer serves my highest good.

Gemini-Though adept at handling several projects at once, its time to focus your mind. Open up to new visions and transform your life. For most of this year, Jupiter is transiting through your eleventh house of hopes and dreams. Look to friends to play a significant role and welcome a new set of companions. Travel, education and language study are prominent themes this year. Pluto, planet of transformation, draws your attention to partnerships, to releasing old tensions and unresolved situations. This cycle happens only once in a lifetime, so make the most of it. Resolution: I will concentrate on finishing what I have started.

Cancer-Although you tend to revolve around home and family, career opportunities promise advancement and recognition. Jupiter sweeps into your tenth house of career, marking a period of growth and evolution for you. The last time this happened was 1987. Now is a perfect time to turn your dreams into reality. Consider exploring a field concerned with healing, higher education or travel. Make beneficial adjustments in health and work with Pluto transiting your sixth house. Prune your life of friendships that have outlived their usefulness. Carve out a secure place for yourself and your abilities. Resolution: I will honor my feelings and take responsibility for my own happiness.

Leo-You are feeling inspired to travel and explore this year, as Jupiter travels through your ninth house. Take advantage of this period of expansion and growth to focus your abundant creative energies towards accomplishing long range goals. You'll make significant progress to serve you well into the next century. Increased responsibility in your career beckons, so make sure you solidify position and strengthen influence. Look for relationships becoming more unpredictable this year. Partnerships can be in flux with Uranus and Neptune in your seventh. Dreams of a soul-mate can lead to spiritual partners OR relationships can become more nebulous. Resolution: I will live life through the courageous space in my heart.

Virgo-With Jupiter transiting your eighth house of transformation and resources from others, personal creative pursuits can lead to financial rewards. Networking with the right people can have significant impact on ventures this year. Use your pragmatic nature to make the most of all the resources around you. Making the world a better place means a great deal to you, and you will have many opportunities in which to make lasting improvements. You might prosper in service-oriented fields like the health professions, social services, counseling, or teaching. Incorporating your spiritual awareness into your work, brings greater fulfillment into every day life. Resolution: In my quest for excellence, acceptance is the first bridge I must cross.

Libra-Partnerships are of prime importance to Libra, and this year with Jupiter moving into your seventh house, there's a positively welcome breath of fresh air. Free yourself from the past 3 years' restrictions, and enjoy new found freedom and abundance. You'll feel more content and joyful this year as Saturn finally leaves your seventh house of relationships. You're beginning a new cycle of vastly expanding partnership opportunities. Relationships of all kinds prosper, as freedom from a bad relationship, and opportunities for better ones await you. You'll do well in court and in politics, and your social circle is likely to increase. Resolution: Unconditional love in mine to freely give and receive.

Scorpio-Jupiter's expansive energy spends most of its time in your sixth house of work, health and service in 1999. It's an exceptional time to make much needed improvements in those areas. Now is the time to get into your desired field. You'll find skilled jobs, perform them well and make money. Saturnine energy moves into your seventh house of relationships, where it will remain for the next 3 years. Clarify all agreements with both intimate and business partners. You may feel as if your relationships are testing you, or that you are being tested by your relationships. No stranger to transformation, shed relationships that have outlived their time. Resolution: In my pursuit of power, I will gladly surrender control to my higher self.

Sagittarius-Your spiritual aims are a key factor this year, so a strong desire to experience a higher consciousness and spiritual understanding may unfold. Since Pluto is transiting though your philosophical sign until 2007, this can indeed be a time of empowerment that sets the tone for your future lifepath. There's a great deal of potential for deep transformation. Spiritually this can be a time of initiation into more profound levels of consciousness. Avoid power struggles with those trying to prevent this metamorphosis. Chiron, the wounded healer, journeys through your sign this year, opening a window of opportunity for intense healing. Resolution: I will integrate my spiritual needs with my more mundane needs.

Capricorn-With Jupiter transiting your fourth house of home and family, this year is a perfect time to redecorate, remodel or move to a larger homestead. Personal affairs, home and family, all need extra attention. Strike a balance between career and home. Setting new goals helps you clarify your direction and professional and personal identity. With your unrivaled ability to maintain your focus, 1999 should be a very successful year. As your self esteem may be strongly tied to achievement, be willing to experiment as new opportunities abound. Explore innovative fields, and utilize cutting edge technologies in your career. Resolution: I will be flexible and cooperative in using my resources wisely.

Aquarius-Have we entered the Age of Aquarius? Being the non-conformist of the zodiac, you are a fierce individualist, no matter what epoch. An anarchist at heart, with revolutionary Uranus in your sign until 2003, you'll pursue many untried paths, living with one foot in the future. Aquarians may go through an identity crisis as they awaken to higher levels of spiritual and personal awareness. With Uranus in your ingenious sign this year, tap into intuition and merge with humanity's collective consciousness. Neptune, planet of spirituality, joins in this year until 2013, allowing Spirit to enter, stimulating all your clairvoyant, creative and imaginative faculties. Resolution: I seek innovative solutions that work for the good of all.

Pisces-Imaginative and visionary, and coming off a year of tremendous expansion of your intuitive faculties, you may have become a concerned healer and world-server. Your desires, dreams and hopes are now in alignment with who you really are. The time is ripe for you to put visionary gifts into action and have your efforts rewarded. It's the year your ship comes in financially, if you remembered to send it out. Pluto continues traveling through your tenth house of ambition and career, uncovering the true path in fulfill your soul's longing. Pluto gives you either the power to achieve your life goals or insight to find out what they truly are. Just remember its service, not sacrifice, and you will flourish. Resolution: Time well spent in solitude can recharge my spiritual batteries.


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