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- July 2000 Horoscope -

ercury is still retrograde, until July 17th, so be sure and double-check your plans. For more info on Mercury retrograde see bookmark on home page. 3 Eclipses-cosmic flash points for endings and new beginnings---occur this month!

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse occurs in emotional Cancer on July 1st, asking us to look at our security needs and financial plans for the future. Venus enters flamboyant Leo on the 13th, be creative and dramatic. Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on the 16th in hard working pragmatic Capricorn.

Sun enters Leo on the 22nd-just in time for a well-earned vacation. Second New Moon Solar Eclipse of the month occurs on July 30th in Leo.

Aries-You may be in the mood to make your home more attractive and comfortable and take a renewed interest in where and how you live. You may decide to move or alter you lifestyle somewhat, but don't make a spur of the moment decision about this. July 1st eclipse in Cancer stirs the pot on issues relating to home and family, especially parents.

Taurus-Increased activity with siblings and neighbors is the focus. Expect to spend a lot of time running errands and short distance travel trips. You will have a new awareness of your intellect. Be prepared to deal with paperwork or contracts.

Gemini-A financial concern or crisis may come about especially if you have been reckless in the past. Review your budget. Getting a second job is a distinct possibility, as well as a much-deserved raise.

Cancer-A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs in your sensitive sign. Personality changes, temporary or permanent are possible. Everything that happens this month seems incredibly personal to you. Self-improvements programs seem appealing with the spotlight on you, or it could be an excellent time to achieve more equilibrium in your emotional responses to external stimuli.

Leo-You are more introspective than usual, thanks to a partial solar eclipse in your solar 12th house. It's possible that responsibilities, obligations, health matters or lack of opportunity will make you feel like you're re getting nowhere fast. Your motives and attitudes may need to be revised.

Virgo-You will become more aware of your group associations and what they mean to you. It's likely you will become more involved with your friends, as they play a more prominent role in your life. You're optimistic about bringing your goals to fruition.

Libra-Career matters and issues come to the fore. With so much happening on the job, strive for a balance. Your talents and contributions will be recognized by those in authority. This could lead to a promotion or a new position.

Scorpio-This month finds you more involved with learning something new or with travel. Distant people, places or things move into your sphere, giving you an opportunity to broaden your horizons. A windfall due to a legacy or investment allows you to pursue your dream vocation without stress.

Sagittarius-Resources shared with others, such as taxes, legacies and wills are highlighted. Something comes to an end to make way for a new experience. This could be either a source of relief or challenge. Remember that change brings growth.

Capricorn-You're more aware of partnership issues due to the solar eclipse falling in your 7th house of partnership. Questions arise as to whether your expectations concerning a partner are unrealistic or whether or not your needs are being met. You have a deep need for harmony. An ongoing battle with a rival could get out of hand, so watch your step.


Aquarius-Health is more important to you right now. You may institute a dietary and fitness program that you feel will improve your physical state and adopt relaxation or mediation techniques that will help you keep stress to a minimum.


Pisces-You'll feel a resurgence of creative energy, which you will put to good use. Be sure to take some time off so that you can renew your sense of joy in your life. You and a child may share a special relationship. Opportunities to engage in activities that make you happy come your way, so take full advantage of them.

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