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Planetary Currents
- JUNE 1999 -

mpatient Mars finally goes direct on June 4th, marking a return to action, initiation, and assertion. Cosmic green light says full speed ahead! Venus enters dramatic Leo on the 5th--prepare for lavish displays of affection. New Moon in expressive Gemini heralds new beginnings with regard to siblings or neighbors. Communication opportunities increase as does writing, reading, teaching and traveling. Summer Solstice begins on the 21st, as the Sun enters emotional Cancer. Light reigns supreme as the Queen of summer embraces the Sun King. Take pleasure from the longest day of the year. Focus shifts to home, family, nurturing, emotional needs, even rediscovering ties to roots and country. On June 28th the Full Moon illuminates Cancer and Capricorn concerns. Balancing emotional and professional needs seems to be the quest these days. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters sensual Taurus until Oct. 23rd. Luxury, comfort, sensuality, and financial security occupy time. If you know your rising sign, please read that too.

Aries-Emotional stability and happiness are goals this month. Mars in the seventh house directs you towards social activities, (perhaps) aggression in love matters, and going fearlessly after what you desire. Draw on your emotional bank account and seek those that light your fire. There is more in store to tackle this month; other interests include finances, dealings with siblings, neighbors and the home. Venus, planet of love, graces your fifth house showing abundant romantic opportunities. Jupiter, planet of expansion, dips its toe into your second house of finances. Take heart--earnings and possessions may increase significantly. Still, wild overexpansion is not the wisest path.

Taurus-Jupiter, planet of abundance moves into your own industrious sign at the end of the month. Since this occurs only once every twelve years, do all you can to be open to expansive opportunities in travel, personal growth and educational opportunities. If the universe has been handing you lemons of late, now's the time to make lemonade! Just be careful of too much physical expansion (i.e. weight gain) and overdoing pleasures of the flesh. With Saturn in Taurus as well, balance should be easily attained. You'll have unusual support to change situations to your liking. Important teachers and guides are likely to come into your life to assist personal growth.

Gemini-New Moon on the 13th in your alert sign promises improved communication and bold expressiveness. Travel, have fun and express your sign's lively joie de vivre. With Jupiter conjoining Saturn in your twelfth house, deeper levels of knowledge are now revealed to you. An increased interest in spirituality goes hand in hand as you delight in exploring hidden levels of the subconscious mind. Your health is strong all month as June Gems celebrate their solar returns, also known as birthdays. (For all you word buffs out the-that's where the saying "many happy returns" originates from!)

Cancer-This is your time of year as the Summer Solstice on the 21st heralds the span of Cancer. Your self-confidence is strong, as you rediscover yourself. You want to engage in group activities or join organizations. Prior to the 21st, you may find yourself recharging spiritual batteries and doing some soul-searching. You can accomplish aims through community support and teamwork, rather than going it alone. Planetary shifts are Mars going direct in your fourth house- avoid family disputes as they may escalate. Full Moon on the 28th finds you more centered. Listen to others concerns as well as sharing your own needs. Mercury in your protective sign focuses thoughts upon family and shoring up the home front.

Leo-Jupiter enters your tenth house of career on the 28th. This signals a major expansion in career opportunities, professional alliances, raises and promotions, and what Leo loves best--greater public recognition. Although Jupiter will only stay there for a few months (till the end of October) tune into what you'd like to see manifest. You might even make career changes to a healing arts or educational profession. Though your public image and prestige are more important to you than money, finances are on solid ground. Money may come through professional organizations or through your own intuitive hunches, as you trust your inner voice. Regarding romance: a mid month square between Saturn and Venus helps remove those rose-colored glasses, revealing new truths about relationships.

Virgo-Make a sacred promise to yourself as Vesta, asteroid of focus and commitment, enters meticulous Virgo. Get ready for your yearly career peak. Focus is on outer achievements and career success as the Sun transits your tenth house. The Sun is now passing over the midheaven, the highest point of your chart. This is the point of exaltation: the hour of greatest fulfillment and hard work. Be sure and give yourself credit for your accomplishments, as Virgo's tend to underestimate abilities. Mars going direct in your second house of finances enables you to receive the financial fruits of labor. Be a financial fire starter and pioneer moneymaking ideas. The eternal flame glows.

Libra-Inspirational Venus, moving through the more public areas of your chart, places you in the limelight. You'll find yourself in an astrological "twilight zone" as social urges and personal needs demand equal attention. While other signs may find this confusing, handling gray areas is your forte. Go easy--neither too much independence nor compromise is called for. Your interests are widespread this month and include personal transformation, religion, philosophy, creativity, and career. Jupiter makes a bold move into your eighth house on the 28th. Outside capital is obtained more easily, so you can greatly reduce debt. Your libido burns brightly. If the likes of sudden changes, drama or intrigue spice your love life, you won't be disappointed.

Scorpio-You're being exposed to some wonderful prospects as Jupiter planet of abundance, shifts into your seventh house of relationships. Relish the next few months, as this is the taste of things to come! Marriage prospects are plentiful. Those already married will make new friendships or turn up the romantic heat on existing relationships. Lucrative business opportunities are forming. Mix in the social circles of the powerful and elite. With the Sun in your eighth house, your desire is to connect with those who can be of material assistance to you now. The eighth house is Scorpio's natural domain, so expect sexual energies to peak.

Sagittarius-Significant areas of interest for you are work, health, love, philosophy, and foreign travel. New and prominent friends come into the picture. As Jupiter shifts from fifth house of love affairs into the sixth house of work, job seekers are rewarded in their search. Skills and efficiency expand. You may hire more workers, as relations with coworkers are happier than ever. With much activity in your eighth house, let go of old emotional baggage and habitual responses that no longer serve your highest good. There is a lot of potent energy available for reinventing yourself. The New Moon on the 13th has you shining in the reflected light of your partner's accomplishments.

Capricorn-A new cycle of fortune, creative expression and romance awaits you as Jupiter tests the waters of your fifth house. Mars' change of direction enlivens your public image and draws important notice from higher ups. Venus in your eighth house reveals previously unknown riches and a sixth house Sun makes certain all the hard work pays off. During the responsible Capricorn Full Moon on June 28th, you have the opportunity to explore whether or not you are still committed to a partnership. Unfulfilled expectations can create turmoil. Relationships can turn toxic! Family matters can also be exhaustingly complicated. Be sensible and keep your wits about you--a little self-control goes a long way.

Aquarius-Enjoy the Gemini Sun and Leo Venus in your creativity and partnership houses, respectively. Redirect passions and charm your way throughout the month. New personal pleasures and sensual fantasies can be fulfilled. Jupiter's move into your fourth house breathes much needed happiness into domestic affairs. Expansion of an existing home, moving to larger quarters, or purchasing a second home are likely options. Maintain a global perspective that allows you to see beyond small issues, (that after all, is what you're famous for.) Emotional expression is becoming easier--blocked feelings and tendency to repress emotions is lessening. Important psychological principles are being revealed, illuminating present circumstances.

Pisces-A financial reward may arrive from the past! This brings temporary uplift, for career is basically on hold for a time. Channel energies to inner, psychological progress rather than outward goals. Fourth house concerns brings the need to deal with family and domestic issues. New Moon on the 13th helps convey the information and insight you need--take this as a golden opportunity to tell someone how you feel. Jupiter begins a visit to your third house of communication. Sales and marketing activities flourish. Students do better in school, and relations with siblings and neighbors improve. Not a bad idea to put a new car, fax or computer on your "fish" wish list.

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