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- March 2000 Horoscope -

ew Moon in mystical Pisces lights the way on March 6th. Tune into your dreams and visions. Full Moon falls on the 19th, the day of the Spring Equinox, in the last degree of precise Virgo. Day and night are equal once again.

Aries initiates the beginning of Spring, the astrological New Year. Aries is a powerful fire sign, encouraging those to be a true warrior, to take a risk, to be more fiery and assertive. Aries symbolizes new beginnings and personal initiative, along with the will to actualize this potential. During this time of year, as things spring back to life, you have a wonderful opportunity to start fresh, to think about all the new things that are blooming around you. It takes courage for tiny flowers to break through the earth after a long dormant winter, that is quintessential Aries energy. Mercury finally goes direct on March 14th. Resume projects put on hold or that have become bogged down. You'll be seeing situations more clearly now, so decisions will likely work out well. Powerful Pluto turns retrograde on the 15th. Prepare to relinquish any elements of your lifepath that are no longer for your highest good.

Aries-Happy Birthday March Warriors! With Mars till in your assertive sign till the 22nd, you're feeling confident and energetic. This is a good time to ask for a favor or meet new people. You can shine as a leader now, just avoid being overbearing.

Taurus-Venus shines in your 10th house of career, attracting people and situations that can further your professional aims. Relationships with superiors improve. Be ready to capitalize on quick changes and seize unexpected opportunities.

Gemini-Be sure you are pursuing goals that are important to you, even while helping the group, with Mars transiting your 11th house. Benefits come through your spiritual and personal growth.

Cancer-Educational plans may begin to take a turn for the better this month. Mars at your midheaven encourages professional advancement. Pluto's directional shift creates opportunities to make up for lost time in your career.

Leo-Existing relationships might go through heavy changes that could revolutionize your life. Whatever line of work you are in, your sphere of influence rises. Along with expansion, comes extra responsibility and work. Don't overcommitt.

Virgo-Venus, the Sun and Mercury all transit your 6th house of work and health this month. It's possible you may receive a raise or promotion, if you don't work yourself to death. After March 14th, discuss contracts, deals and agreements. Negotiations can work out to your benefit after Mercury goes direct.

Libra-You're in a position to benefit from shared resources at this time with Mars in your 8th house. Be open to a monetary gift or reward. Venus transits your 5th house this month. Artistic activities and romances provide much enjoyment. A creative process of expansion culminates in some way.

Scorpio-Relationships take on greater importance than they have for some time. The Sun, Mercury and Venus transit your 5th house, bringing out all the emotion and passion your sign is famous for. After the 22nd, hotheaded Mars enters your 7th house. Be prepared to battle your rivals if needed.

Sagittarius-With the Sun transiting your 4th house it's a good time to express your love to those dear to you. It's also an exceptional time to fix up your home or pursue creative hobbies. You may have a heavier workload than usual, but you won't really mind, as it makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful.

Capricorn-You're no stranger when it comes to hard work and discipline. Apply them to some new enterprising ventures and you'll have some solid rewards down the road. Recent events may have caused confusion or anxiety regarding financial plans, look for things to improve.

Aquarius-With ardent Mars in your 3rd house, you'll feel the urge to meet new people, visit more with neighbors and friends, or write vociferously. Avoid endless debating, save your energy for more productive pursuits.

Pisces-Venus moves into your ethereal sign on March 13th, lending glamour and excitement to your image. You're in a perfect position to make new friends and have your influence felt. Doors open to places you were unable to enter before. Follow your ambitions with confidence.

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