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Planetary Currents
- March 1999 -

nce in a blue moon" there's a month with two Full Moons! The term "blue moon" dates back to Shakespeare, and has come to mean the second Full Moon in one month. On average, there will be 41 months that have 2 Full Moons in every century, so once every blue moon actually averages to once every two and one half years. Two blue moons in a single year such as in 1999, (Jan. 31 and Mar. 31) occurs once every 19 years. This enchanting occurrence won't happen again until 2018 and 2037. The second Full Moon of the month packs extra power and potency, so make the most of this magical interval to prompt creative changes in your life. So begins March 1, with the Full Moon in systematic Virgo.

The second Full Blue Moon is on Mar. 31 in cooperative Libra, illuminating the path towards settling differences in relationships. The Spring Equinox on the 20 initiates a time of personal quickening, but Mercury retrograding from March 10-April 2, reminds us to not to spring into action too fast. Retrace steps and revamp plans, so they can fully flower. Saturn enters Taurus on Mar. 1 (for the next two years), as increased value consciousness prevails, either spiritually, environmentally or monetarily. New Moon in Pisces on the 17 highlights oneness, universal compassion and surrender to a Higher Power. Strive to spend time in prayer, meditation and other self-renewing spiritual activity. Impatient Mars retrogrades on Mar. 18- be aware of misplaced aggression spilling over into areas of your psyche. Projects and long term plans need to undergo revision as you rethink your ambitions, desires and passions. Reevaluate your personal energy level, and investments of time, love and money. Old wounds, hurts and frustrations may be brought to the surface for healing. Pluto retrogrades on Mar. 13, when the heat turns up on everything. If you know your rising sign, please read that too.

Aries-Rebirth and renewal is your theme as the Sun enters your enthusiastic sign on March 20, heralding the Spring equinox as well as a birthday. Jupiter and Venus, the two great benefits, are both in assertive Aries, making this awakening very pleasurable and abundant indeed. Your vitality and sparkle steals the show, things seem bright and breezy as Saturn leaves your sign, not to return for 29 years! Like seedlings beginning to sprout from thawing earth, the time for action and fun is imminent. You are raring to get things going, and with a little discretion, this can be an exceedingly prolific and momentous time.

Taurus-Saturn is back in your persistent sign, bringing a strong sense of self-discipline and hard work. Opportunities for serious self-improvement programs are at hand and can lead to long term benefits. It's also an easier time to shed those unwanted pounds. Closely scrutinize investment opportunities and avoid signing contracts after March 10. Try and postpone final decisions until next month, using your resources wisely. Career issues continue to be deeply consequential. Venus moves into your placid sign on the 18, enabling you to accomplish things with considerable grace and charm. A great month to add to your wardrobe as your aesthetic sense is accentuated.

Gemini-The Cosmos supports your efforts to move towards career objectives. Start planning to manifest ideal working conditions. Your status in social or professional organizations increases this month. With Mercury, (your ruling planet) retrograde, do more research about job offers and don't jump to conclusions. You will run into trouble if you are over committed, and you may have to pull back on an agreement due to slow progress, interruptions or delays. Don't push against the tide or be too foolhardy! Mercury has a way of changing your mind when it changes direction. Use this time to tune into your dreams and inner life.

Cancer-Since there are two full moons this month, you may be dealing with more emotionally charged experiences than usual. Activities like tai chi, yoga, and chi gung are excellent avenues for strengthening your mind, body and spirit. With Venus and Jupiter transiting through your career house, you'll be drawing positive attention and acclaim for your efforts, and may be thrust into the spotlight. Publishing, travel and cultural exchanges offer a chance to broaden horizons. Even after Mars retrogrades in your solar fifth house, you can replay recent lucky breaks in you creative and romantic life.

Leo-Restoring the magic in an important relationship tops your list, as Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, retrogrades in your fifth house of romance. Discord and disagreement may be the order of the day as Mars, planet of aggression, goes retrograde in your fourth house of home and family. Home can feel like a vortex of negative energy. Create better conditions with a timely and thorough Spring-Cleaning. Eliminate the useless from your lifepath, whether they be possessions or character traits.

Virgo-All types of partnerships and relationships are subject to dramatic revisions as the Sun, a retrograde Mercury and the New Moon visit your partnership house. You may feel like you are on different wavelengths with significant others. Giving more than you get can present problems in partnerships. Take time to review and repair, so everything meets your high standards. This is a valuable period to get clear on who you are and the gifts you have to share. New Moon on the 17, tempts you to say "yes" if invited to attend festivities. An alliance formed now is likely to be intriguing and long lasting.

Libra-The Libra Full Moon on Mar. 31 is a perfect time to share your feelings. You will have extra energy to achieve specific pleasure goals and to enhance physical appearance. Certainly a propitious time to purchase clothing, cosmetics and accessories. Partnerships captivate your attention and provide positive reinforcement. However, be wary of unreasonable demands from others that can throw you off balance. Your personal popularity, always a strong suit, is even stronger now! Spring fever hits and all you can think of is romance. Social progress is swift, as you go out of your way to please others. Many opportunities for love present themselves, including the magical "love at first sight".

Scorpio-Mars retrograding on the 18, (in you own powerful sign), signals a need to tone down recent intensified behavior. You may have to make a series of adjustments in plans in order to succeed. Pacing yourself is critical, as this is a period of reactive, rather than active experiences. Shift your priorities to incorporate more rest and review time, enhanced inner reflections, and working though unresolved anger. Sudden reversals of passions and ambition are likely to occur during this retrograde phase (Mar. 18-June 4). An internal battle may ensue between the ego, which wants things done, and the deeper self, which wants things to just be. Trust your higher self.

Sagittarius-There is a continuing need to focus on emotional and family issues. Inner psychological progress is more important to you than outward career success. This is a time for nurturing, germinating and perfecting career plans, rather than executing them. Purchases and renovations for the home go well- only start them before the 10. After the 21, the fifth house of children, fun, speculations, and love affairs comes into focus, and the remainder of the month sees your spirits lifted. Recreational activities and sports beckon. There is luck in speculation, and romantic opportunities are plentiful.

Capricorn-Pleasures of the home and hearth once again command. Family members give you great emotional support. A move, purchase or sale of a home, are all very favorable. Saturn, your enduring ruler, moves into your fifth house this month. This shows a major long term shift in orientation. You finally have enough money and career success- now its time to enjoy the fruits of hard earned labor. The major challenge will be to balance financial issues with your need for recreation and enjoyment. Having a rather cautious disposition by nature, you are more likely to err on the side of financial security. Now is also an exceptional time to give form to creative ambitions.

Aquarius-Saturn takes up residence in your fourth house of home and family, providing the impetus for change and growth. Now you must balance freedom with family obligations. Mercury retrogrades in your second house after the 18th, showing a need to be more cautious with major purchases and investments. Avoid speculations and debt, postpone important mailings and definitely read the fine print before signing contracts. As the Uranian mind knows how to think big, there is a strong emphasis on extensive communications, both verbal and written. Career matters continue to be notable, as does self-expression in novel ways.

Pisces-This month focuses on the compassionate you, as many "fish" celebrate their solar returns. Patient Pisces may find their portfolios worth more and may even connect to their dream job. Reassessment and personal inventory is likely as Mercury retrogrades in your sympathetic sign. Full moon in Virgo on the 2, may bring the desire to commit to a long term relationship. You might also be extra vulnerable when dealing with others. Love fares better during the Pisces New Moon on March 17, when things become more transparent. Mood changes and shifts in affection,(both yours and others), are dramatic and confusing. The fog lifts quickly if you give your love time and space to become clear, developing in its own way.

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