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Planetary Currents
- May 2000 Horoscope -

n May 3rd there will be a cosmic stampede of 7 planets all aligned in the earth sign of Taurus. This is the most planets in one sign since February 1962 in Aquarius. On May 3rd there will be a New Moon in Taurus as well as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus. Then on May 28, Jupiter the planet of expansion, the Santa Claus of the zodiac, making things bigger more and better, conjuncts Saturn, the planet of limitation, discipline, responsibility, limitation, the cosmic cop, the reality check planet of the zodiac in Taurus. This occurs once every 20 years, and is an excellent time for us to manifest our dreams, to ground and manifest our visions of abundance. The last time this conjunction occurred was in 1980-1981 in the sign of Libra.

Conjunctions represent endings and beginnings, the completion of one cycle and the initiation of the next. Since the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is in Taurus, a fixed earth sign, there will be an intense focus on how we relate to Mother Earth, our physical world, especially in terms of economics and the environment. Look for economic shifts worldwide plus fluctuating stock and real estate markets. Eschew materialism and greed. At the same time, tune into a deeper appreciation of the natural world and all the grace and bounty the goddess has blessed us with. Since Taurus rules agriculture some have even predicted extreme weather patterns.

Prepare for the cosmic questions when Jupiter and Saturn come together in May 28th.

What do we really want? What do we really NEED?

Quality will become much more important than quantity. We have an opportunity to reevaluate how material things figure into out lives. These themes triggered in May will continue well into the future.

Continue meditating upon the deeper issues affecting our lifepath... What will we spend our time and energy and money on? How will we steward the earth and her resources? How will we consciously deal with issues of security, resources, values, and foundations. How can we balance expansion and conservation? Optimism and pessimism? Vision vs. hard work?

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction can also be seen to have a strong correlation to long term cycles in US stocks. Pivotal Supreme Court decisions have also been made during this time, as well as positive developments in the field of education.

Also, Neptune, the planet of spirituality and Uranus the planet of rebellion square the planets in Taurus------challenging the status quo and asking for a fairer distribution of the earth's resources. Uranus and Neptune beg the question-what will serve the greatest good for all of humanity?



If you know your rising sign, please read that too. As its useful to go back in time as well as forward, I mention where the Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurred in 1981, and where it will occur this May 2000.

Aries-In 1981, it occurred in your 7th house of relationships. Now the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus will fall in your 2nd house of finances, resources, money and possessions.

Taurus-In 1981, it occurred in your 6th house of work health and service. Now it occurs in your 1st house of self-identity-how the world sees you. Drawing people to you who are good for you. A whole new cycle of personal growth---the last time Jupiter was in your sign was in 1988. Was that a banner year for you?

Gemini-In 1981, it was in the 5th house of romance, children and creativity-now the Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs in your 12th house of spirituality, visions, dreams and oneness. Higher self.

Cancer- in 1981, the focus was on the 4th house of home and family-very Cancerian time indeed. Now the conjunction occurs in the 11th house of friendship, the future, groups, humanitarian concerns.

Leo-In 1981, the influence was felt in your 3rd house of communication, transportation and learning. Now the Jupiter Saturn conjunction falls in your 10th house of career, status, duty, ambition.

Virgo-In 1981, the influence of Jupiter Saturn was in your second house of money and possessions. Now the Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurs in your 9th house of foreign travel, higher education, religion values, worldview, ideals.

Libra-In 1981, the Jupiter Saturn conjunction was felt in your 1st house of self-identity, now it occurs in your 8th house -the Scorpio house of sex, death, transformation, the occult, and money from others.

Scorpio-In 1981, the influence was felt in your 12th house, a very inward time, now the conjunction will be felt in your 7th house of relationships, partnerships, agreements, contracts.

Sagittarius-In 1981, the influence was felt in your 11th house of friendship and the future, now the conjunction will be felt in your 6th house of work, health and service. Expect work and health opportunities to increase as well as responsibilities in those areas.

Capricorn-In 1981, the energies were felt in your 10th house of career, status, duty and ambition, recognition. That should have been quite a career peak. Now the conjunction occurs in the 5th house of creativity, creative self-expression, children, fun, pleasures, entertainment, romance and love a ffairs. Sounds like lots of fun for serious Capricorn's.

Aquarius-In 1981, the influence was in your 9th house of higher education, now the influence is felt in your 4th house of home, family, parents, and domestic concerns.

Pisces-In 1981, the conjunction was felt in your 8th house of transformation, now the conjunction is in your 3rd house of communication, transportation and learning-good time to buy a car, go back to school, deal with siblings and neighbors.

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