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Planetary Currents
- May 1999 -

t's a wild and wooly May with 40% of the planets in retrograde motion (Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). We finally get a chance to catch our collective celestial breath. Mars retrograding back into Libra gives us another chance to mend fences with our closest allies. Neptune retrograde is suited to time spent on meditation, contemplation, and prayer. Reconsidering spiritual issues and trusting to a Higher Power all work to great advantage now. Uranus retrograding reminds us to expect the unexpected. New Moon in earthy Taurus on the 15th encourages appreciation of our precious planet and resources. The festival of Wesak falls annually in May, and commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and passing way of the Buddha. Think loving, enlightened thoughts. Full moon in Sagittarius on the 30th provides many choices for adventure, escapade, and bathing in bliss--truly a memorable Memorial Day weekend! For those traveling, do avoid the temptation to speed. If you know your rising sign, please read that too.

Aries-As Mars your feisty ruling planet moves back through your eighth house of joint property, financial issues may need to be rehashed and dealt with once and for all. Don't let delays and minor annoyances get you down. Practice detachment and patience. It's time to pull back from outward ambition and seek inner harmony. New job offers, pay raises, or bonuses may manifest. New Moon on the 15th in your second house brings clarity and knowledge on all financial questions and investments. Venus moves into your fourth house on the 8th, offering money from property, parents or family members. Additionally, this is a superb time to beautify home and surroundings..

Taurus-Blessed birthday to May bulls! You may be inclined to celebrate in a big way as Venus, your benevolent ruler, graces your second house of finances. Enjoy abundance and bounty, but resist the temptation to overindulge. Always a savvy shopper and investor, there is much buying, selling, and trading going on, especially with the New Moon in your thrifty sign. Retrograde Uranus and Neptune in the tenth house of career signifies changes in life direction. Rethink everything carefully and take your time. This is a time span for reevaluating and perfecting career plans and your public image, but not for executing them.

Gemini-Mercury, your restless ruler, moves through three different signs this month, making if very difficult to keep up with you and those ever-changing plans. Always the "busy bee of the zodiac", this month finds you on the move- confidant, racing towards your goals, covering lots of territory. Venus's shift into your second house resounds with financial improvement. Women are instrumental in achievement of these monetary goals. You have greater ability to attract what you desire in your life. The Full Moon on the 30th provides extra energy to target social and romantic desires.

Cancer-With many planets adorning your eleventh and twelfth houses, prominent interests are career, friendships, group activities, and spirituality. Your natural ability to interpret psychic signals is greatly enhanced. This is a good time to review the past year and set new goals for the coming year (beginning on your birthday). Mars retrograde in your fifth house brings former issues concerning romance, children and creative projects back to the foreground. Mars then moves back into your fourth house-- a perfect opportunity to address lingering domestic issues. Ceres, the earth mother asteroid enters Cancer, adding her own special blend of concern. Venus moves into your nurturing sign on the 8th, bringing more suitable romantic prospects and a notable increase in self-appreciation.

Leo-Now is the time to make your move upon the world. Emanating a dramatic and radiant warmth, push forward boldly towards your career goals. Home and domestic issues can be put on the back burner. With the Sun transiting through your tenth house, joined by Mercury, expect recognition for your executive qualities. Thrust into the spotlight, you're sharper and more efficient, projects you begin now will succeed. Making a persuasive speech, writing business letters, will further your professional goals. By investing energy into your career, you'll satisfy a deeper need for inner satisfaction. Love proves a bit more complicated, as recognition and achievement clash with partnership obligations.

Virgo-Later in the month, after the 8th, Venus moves into your eleventh house. This is your time of year for attending parties; meetings and other community oriented events. Your social calendar fills up quickly. Whether renewing an old friendship or forging new bonds, friendships add meaning to your life. With Uranus and Neptune retrograding in your house of well being, old health issues may resurface. Team up with a buddy to stay on track with your exercise routine. You'll likely take two steps forward, and one step back. A strong ninth house emphasizes educational pursuits, publishing, travel, and psychological transformation. Make money to repay debts, but don't neglect an urge to philosophize--it'll round out a busy month.

Libra-The Sun goes through your eighth house of sex, death and transformation. Conserve strength and money. Avoid being too possessive or secretive. Mars retrograding back in your appreciative sign heightens self-awareness and strengthens personal goals. The New Moon focuses attention on investments relating to long term financial security. Venus, your companionable ruler, in the ninth house until the 8th, can bring a fascinating romantic prospect from a faraway land. After the 8th, Venus visits your tenth house of career, adding a dash of glamour and magic to career and business opportunities. Get ready to climb the ladder of success, as you draw favor from the high and mighty.

Scorpio-Collaboration and teamwork are the ways to go, as the Sun, Mercury and Saturn take up residence in your seventh house of partnerships. The New Moon in your seventh house focuses attention on partnership concerns and contractual matters. Look before you leap, and be aware of undercurrents. Keep a low profile to avoid power struggles, and undue self-assertion. Career activities that interfere with your domestic life or daily routine should be avoided at all costs. Learn to delegate more work to co-workers and managers. Remember that it's wise to be closemouthed regarding office affairs. Master rest and relaxation. Postpone elective surgery till after June 4th when Mars goes direct.

Sagittarius-The Cosmos is asking for a balance between family and career, between achievements and inner knowing. Full Moon in your demonstrative sign promises exciting developments in the romance department. Jupiter, your expansive ruler, in the fifth house, is certainly a plus for your love life, as well as for leisure, recreational activities, speculations and sporting events. Some will even be planning an addition to the family. Relationship options ranging from fun and games to more serious commitments present themselves. On a more mundane level, your job may improve- you could even qualify for a new position. Pay attention to health and diet as highflying Archers often times need reminders of such earthly objectives.

Capricorn-Its time to lighten up, as the Sun visits your fifth house of pleasures, activity recreation, and hobbies. In fact, personal pleasures may distract from the more serious business of moneymaking. Finances may be a bit stressful while Neptune and Uranus retrograde in your second house of money. You may become a bit confused and impatient, but refrain from iniating hasty changes. On a more positive note, a unique or unusual approach can actually amend finances. Your health is excellent all month; with added focus on diet and exercise. It's a superior time for an annual checkup. The New Moon on the 15th brings the latest knowledge about healing and fitness.

Aquarius-A retrograde Mars puts pressure on your career-- be on guard for problems at work. There is potential for betrayal, so stick with the moral high ground to prevail. Family, domestic, and psychological issues also vie for attention. Physical moves, settling family disputes, dealing with past traumas, and resolving depressions are all major focal points. The New Moon on the 15th enables you to make great strides in your emotional comfort zone. These inner discoveries can greatly enhance your health and well being. Wear the gems, colors, and scents of your sign as an added affirmation. With your unconventional ruler Uranus retrograding, sudden illuminating celestial changes have an opportunity for integration onto your path.

Pisces-Venus in your fifth house highlights creative self-expression. Listen to the inner muse and indulge your fantasies. Embrace spring fever by experiencing a sense of excitement for someone new, or revitalize an existing relationship. This month brings a welcome psychological boost, with headway in personal projects as well as increased confidence in faith and love. Let your intuition be your guide as mental interests, ideas and creative writing hold sway. As your ruler Neptune retrogrades, try meditation or self-hypnosis (or any of the new age disciplines you find yourself drawn to). While meetings and conferences tend to take up time, deep inner reflection can supply balance. Becoming more grounded is a wonderful way to stride into springtime.

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