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Planetary Currents
- November
2000 Horoscope -

ercury comes out of retrograde on November 7. Communication, transportation and learning can move ahead, as can purchases of machinery, and travel plans.

Full Moon in Taurus on Nov 11
New Moon in Sagittarius on Nov 25

Mars enters Libra on Nov 3
Venus enters Capricorn on Nov 12
Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov 21

Aries-With Mercury and Mars in Libra, the beginning of the month can find you and your significant others spending a lot more time communicating with each other. You are a bit more impulsive now, and that could lead to arguments. A little self-control can go a long way. Venus in Capricorn in your career house provides a good place to focus your abundant energies.

Taurus-Prepare for a heavier workload than usual. At a minimum, you'll be making and receiving lots of calls, messages and faxes; processing a lot of paperwork, and writing memos and business letters. You are open to new ideas and can gain keen insights through travel or education. Full Moon in your sign makes you more sensitive.

Gemini-Fitness issues are on the forefront and you may decide to get together with a co-worker after hours to work out. You and a mate or partner can come to an agreement about how to spend your funds, and that could lead to a romantic getaway.

Cancer-Domestic matters keep you on the go this month. You are a whirlwind of activity as you get caught up on household chores, which can include some holiday baking. You and your partner have a good rapport for the most part, but household matters that get out of control could have you both snapping at each other.

Leo-You derive satisfaction from your quick and short social contacts in which you gather news about what is happening locally. If you are traveling by car, take it slow. Visits to and from siblings and neighbors are informative. The atmosphere at work is very social. Do things entertaining and relaxing.

Virgo-Money matters predominate. You may form some new conclusions about what really matters in your life, especially when it comes to possessions. Some of your hard-earned money may be needed for an unexpected expense, so be sure and plan carefully.

Libra-Enhanced leadership opportunities present themselves with Mars in your sign. You are more aggressive and self assured. You may choose to take classes or teach. You want to make your home more cozy and attractive and may get involved in redecorating and refurbishing.

Scorpio-Spending time alone and meditating can help you deal with the subconscious and hidden matters of life. You may have to take care of a variety of personal matters-some of which could demand that you assert yourself. You could also feel some restraint in personal relationships. Your financial situation begins to improve.

Sagittarius-You seek intellectual stimulation through your interaction with friends and associates. You think and reevaluate your current friendships and may decide to end certain friendships. You can attract money and possessions to you at this time, but be careful not to overextend financially in the pursuit of pleasure and fun. New Moon in your sign has you thinking of exciting travels.

Capricorn-With Venus in your sign, career matters have you wholly preoccupied, almost to the exclusion of everything else. If your daily on the job responsibilities increase, try to stay balanced. You can impress others with your leadership ability, and you are likely to bring many goals to fruition.

Aquarius-You are swept into a world of mind-expanding possibilities. You want to travel-mentally and physically. You get plenty of chances to display your organizing abilities and unique thought processes to those in charge. Your personal power serves as a magnet that attracts new people and new experiences into your life.

Pisces-You have the power to tell some one emotionally close to you just exactly what is on your mind. Keep the lines of communication open, even if you get into a major wrangle, if you want to salvage the partnership. You dream of faraway places, and a short journey can lift your spirits quite considerably.

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