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Planetary Currents
- November Horoscope 1999 -

ercury retrogrades on the 4th through the 24th, so double-check all communications, transportation and machinery. Allow extra travel time, as Mercury's power is held back. Redo, rethink, and reassess. New Moon on Nov 7th in Scorpio ushers in the dark time of the year, full of mysteries and transformations. Mercury is Scorpio reinforces deep investigative thoughts. Venus in Libra lightens things up a bit, placing the focus on relationships and relating. Full Moon on the 23rd in Gemini focuses on intellectual pursuits, being busier and doing more.

Aries-Look for transformation in the area of finances. Mars, your energetic ruler goes into your 10th house providing a powerful career boost with more energy and drive to achieve goals. Go for it!

Taurus-Relationships are highlighted, both personally and professionally. New Moon on the 7th can greatly affect all partnerships. Mars in your 9th house opens the door for increased travel-just double-check everything.

Gemini-Work improves and you're better at it. Health improves as well. Full Moon on the 23rd in your talkative sign has you writing, teaching, communicating and traveling.

Cancer-Mars in your 7th house of relationships may bring some altercations and differences of opinions. Avoid hasty actions, and fight back only when necessary.

Leo-Home and family are energized. Your career may seem on hold. Venus in your 2nd house can bring in extra money and the urge to splurge.

Virgo-Be prepared for extra errands and increased contact with siblings and neighbors. With your ruler Mercury retrograde, caution is the watchword. Seek practical wisdom.

Libra-Gifts and bonuses motivate you. The New Moon provides extra financial opportunities and incentives. Venus, strong in its own sign, adds social grace and aesthetic sensibilities.

Scorpio-Happy Birthday November Scorpions! New Moon in your intense sign provides increased leadership and determination. This is your personal New Year so take initiative, wipe the slate clean and pursue new goals.

Sagittarius-Full Moon in your 7th house focuses energy on relationships- partners should be on the same wavelength. You'll feel more confident about your commitments.

Capricorn-Friends and group associations take up a lot of your time-a long lost friend may emerge. Mars in your pragmatic sign supplies extra energy for pursuing goals.

Aquarius-Important advances in business or profession has you gaining insights. Expand mental horizons with Jupiter in your 3rd house, but wait till Mercury goes direct to purchase that new car.

Pisces-Religious and spiritual matters predominate. Venus in your 7th house enlivens relationships and gives you a very magical aura. Finances improve with Jupiter back in your 2nd house.


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