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Planetary Currents
October Horoscope 1999 -

ctober gets off to a very sociable start as the New Moon enters Libra on the 9th. Plant new seeds for flourishing, cooperative associations that are equal and balanced. Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th suggests promising financial ventures. Mercury enters detective-like Scorpio on the 4th, prompting endless investigation behind the scenes. Venus reenters practical Virgo on the 7th, so its back to nature, back to work. In similar fashion, Mars enters ambitious, pragmatic Capricorn on the 16th. Like a goat climbing up the mountain peak, encourage and bolster goals. Jupiter dashes back into Aries on the 24th, providing a much-needed adventuresome streak. Be bold, daring and courageous. And Uranus and Neptune both station direct, on the 22nd and 13th respectively. Gain freedom: spiritually and philosophically. It's been three months since the July 28th, eclipse, so changes are beginning to move forward and take shape.

The Sun enters uncompromising Scorpio, (the sign most associated with death and rebirth,) on the 23rd, marking the onset of a darker, more introspective time of year. Hallowmas finds the Moon in Leo-- fine time to attend parties and create dramatic rituals. The veil is thin between the worlds; access to the underworld is easier than usual. As the leaves fall from the trees, think of what you would like to relinquish, as Hecate's (goddess of the dark moon) power reigns supreme. Saturn is still squaring Uranus, as the old versus the new continues to do battle. People may find themselves breaking away from long time professions and starting new ones. On the geopolitical front, domestic and international tensions are likely to run high as well. (If you know your rising sign, please read that as well.)

Aries-The Sun and New Moon visit your seventh house of relationships, making partnerships and increased public contact more pleasurable and fun. You're ready for a fresh approach to relationships, and are pioneering your way through negotiations. Jupiter reenters your venturesome sign stirring up quests of athleticism and independence. Mars in Capricorn climbs into your career house accelerating success. Don't waste valuable energies quarreling with co-workers. Embrace accomplishment, recognition and ambition. Lead by example and avoid rushing ahead too quickly. There isn't any challenge you can't conquer!

Taurus-Quite a sociable month awaits you as Venus transits your fifth house of romance and recreation, and Mercury in penetrating Scorpio lights up your seventh house of partnerships. Now's a great time to move towards clearer communication with your partner. Travel, both near and far, enters the picture mid month. Returning to school, taking a new class and furthering your education is also on the agenda. And Saturn in your sign will help keep you on task and focused. Careerwise, with Uranus and Neptune going direct in your tenth house, momentum gains on a previously bogged-down project. Full Moon in your sensuous sign on the 24th tempts you to dive into a relationship. A bit of restraint goes a long way.

Gemini-The Sun in Libra trines your sun making this a very convivial month. Venus enhances your fourth house, making home and family connections sparkle. This is a wonderful time to make changes in your personal space. Mercury energizes your employment sector; a writing or teaching job may grace your path. (Dream jobs for Gemini's!) Avoid getting involved in co-workers problems. Set limits and restrict chatter. Jupiter's reentry into Aries draws new friends to you, however learn to value longevity over variety. Other people's resources can be yours for the asking. Joint finances or tax matters become more prominent. Too much rushing around can be deleterious to your health. Schedule regular mediation breaks to soothe frayed nerves.

Cancer-With the New Moon in your fourth house, spending more time with family feels healing and replenishing. Renew bonds and deepen understandings. Mars moves into your seventh house of relationships stirring the pot--making things passionate and fervent. There could even be a power struggle in a current relationship. But the disagreements should be rather short lived. You stand up for yourself and your needs with vigor, going after what you desire with newfound boldness. Hone your social skills, and seek to get your way through charm. Jupiter moves back into your tenth house, indicating a need to spend time reviewing professional decisions that were made several months ago. Finances stay about the same, and you may find yourself spending money on family, recreations, and children.

Leo-Busy month as communication and short distance travels are accentuated. Connect with neighbors, friends, and family. Expect to run numerous errands. When Mercury transits your fourth house of home and family, fill your house with the creature comforts you so enjoy. Recognition for your hard work and accomplishments are part of the Full Moon's magic in store for you in the 24th. Weighty concerns are resolved and you're definitely making progress. Outreach and networking expand your base of operations. This is a great time to train or interview for a new job, or send out resumes. There should also be a noticeable improvement in your relationships as Uranus and Neptune move forward in your seventh house.

Virgo-Venus in your sensible sign energizes and boosts your fragile self-esteem. Allow your best qualities to shine through. Mercury in your communication sector increases mental clarity and precision. Just don't burn yourself out--schedule time for meditation and assimilation. A jaunt out of town could do wonders for recharging your batteries. Traveling and writing can also furnish you with a new perspective. Finances improve as the sun transits your second house. A burst of prosperity and abundance may even tempt you to live it up. Jupiter in your eighth house suggests a partner's income can add to the windfall. Uranus and Neptune turn direct in your sixth house of work, health and service. You're motivated! Continue working persistently on projects. A sudden job promotion could reward you for all your diligent efforts.

Libra-Happy Birthday October Librans. New moon in your amicable sign promises joyful sparkle, parties-- a real social whirlwind. This could be one of the most fruitful New Moons of the year for you! Make way for new beginnings in relationships, self-expression and romance. Creative matters dominate. Make adjustments where needed to keep relationships on an even keel. Your popularity seems to grow as the month progresses. Balance is restored in key relationships and agreements. Jupiter, (planet of abundance,) revisits your seventh house creating bounty in your relationships in terms of both quality and quantity. Try to curb extravagance under the Full Moon on the 24th.

Scorpio-Propitious time for serious soul searching when the Sun visits your twelfth house. Reflect on past year's accomplishments. Venus in your eleventh house of hopes, dreams and wishes prepares you for a new year ahead. A dream that seemed impossible to achieve suddenly looks like its on track. Full Moon on the 24th has relationships hitting a significant crossroads. Mercury in your probing sign intensifies all communication--your hunches are right on target. That sharp psychic attena is amplified! Mysteries and detective novels capture your attention. As you can be stubborn and set in your ways, avoid conflicts over trivial matters. Keep your mind open to new ideas. Concentrate your mental energy on an important plan or project. Car buying gets the green light. Use mental imagery to fine-tune physical energies.

Sagittarius-You're back on the fast track as October's planetary line up places Venus at the zenith of your chart. You are on top of your game! Similarly, Mars in your second house assures you will be handsomely rewarded for any and all efforts. Jupiter's retrograde back into Aries in your fifth house suggests a lover from the past may resurface. The Sun in the eleventh house surrounds you with a myriad of friends to share in the fun. A raise, promotion, or dividend may be greater than anticipated. Network with influential contacts. Great possibilities exist for the taking. Your creative juices are flowing-- focus them before the right people. For maximum potential, avoid exhaustion by scheduling meditation and contemplative activities.

Capricorn-All systems go career wise with the Sun transiting your tenth house. Mars in your ambitious sign mid month proves you unstoppable. Take advantage of good vibes from higher ups to fortify position. Set new goals. Clarify direction. Define professional identity. Cooperating with others can be more effective than working alone. Stick with those who have been with you through thick and thin. Mercury in your eleventh house has friends supporting your aspirations. Financial matters are on an upswing--you'll feel a tremendous sense of relief with both Uranus and Neptune going direct in your second house.

Aquarius-Aquarius-Mercury at your midheaven (cusp of the tenth house) places you in the limelight. Focus on future goals and innovative career ideas. Attend business conferences, make presentations. Let your goals reflect the power of your visions. Jupiter returns to your third house opening the door to philosophical and intellectual independence. Wide-open spaces appeal to you, you might decide to take a vacation or plan a bunch of short trips. This can be a very inspirational time for progressive thinking Aquarius. You may even click in a teaching or writing job. You' ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time. Home and family may require more attention on the Full Moon on the 24th.

Pisces-Venus back into your seventh house gives the green light to flourishing partnerships. A partner may have big plans for you -you could find yourself floating on cloud nine. Achieving greater harmony in relationships gives greater peace of mind. Even if your path is different for significant others, by honoring your individuality, love can blossom. Mars entering your eleventh house suggest a social rebirth and increased activity with friends. Mars can also signal aggression, so be careful that differences of opinion don't escalate beyond all reason. Your ruling planet Neptune goes direct on the 13th. Self doubt and uncertainty is reduced, you' re getting back to speed mentally and emotionally. Jupiter's return back into your second house provides another opportunity to straighten out finances. Check that lottery ticket-a sudden financial windfall's not totally out of the question.


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