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September Horoscope 1999 -

eptember's cosmic weather is a bit calmer, certainly compared to a summer we just about struggled through. Practical Virgo energies take over to, as we separate the chaff from the wheat. Furthering that theme, Saturn retrogrades in Taurus, helping assess finances and monetary resources. With four of the outer plants retrograde, (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) this is a time supporting reflection and inner growth. Venus finally turns direct in entertaining Leo on Sept. 11th, making up for lost time in a BIG way! Move ahead graciously in romance, finances and leisure. Reconciling differences are easier now. New moon in meticulous Virgo on the 9th provides a fresh opportunity to strengthen commitments to work, health and service. Fall is a great time to get organized. Stock up on vitamins, herbs and grains. Mars in Sagittarius joining powerful Pluto mid-month packs a strong cosmic one-two punch, turbocharging energies and desires. Full Moon in forceful Aries on the 25th, adds fuel to the fire. Chiron enters Sagittarius for the next one and one half years, opening the door to higher consciousness concerning education, freedom, and travel. Day and night are now equal as Fall Equinox ushers in on the 23rd. We give thought to balance and harmony within our lives, the yin and the yang, when the Sun enters Libra. (If you know your rising sign, please read that too.)

Aries-Emphasis is on work, health and exercise regimens, with the Sun visiting your sixth house until the 23rd. The New Moon stops there as well, assisting job seekers and employers. This is an excellent time to improve health, diet, and detoxify your body. Be aware of those old habits you would like to break. With the Full Moon in your assertive sign you'll feel more confident and creative. Be prepared to explore new horizons. Your ruling planet Mars joins powerful Pluto this month, giving increased drive and determination. Physical fitness and sports are an excellent channel for abundant energies. Romance tends to be passionate and expressed physically. A current relationship moves forward. Finances straighten out as well. As Fall Equinox dawns, take the initiative in partnerships.

Taurus-This month is infinitely easier to deal with than last. Your romantic ruler Venus goes direct on the 11th, so take initiative in social life-try giving and attending parties and gatherings. The mood is one of play, pleasure and recreation. There's more domestic happiness and beauty on the home front, with activities involving children and creativity. With Uranus and Neptune going through your 10th house of career, your unusual ideas are well received. Retrograde Jupiter and Saturn in your first house bravely attempt to blend responsibilities and freedom. Don't be immoderate in behavior as you may swing between over indulgence and dieting-- strike a sacred balance. Mars and Pluto together in your eighth house show intense inner activity, enhanced dreams and psychic ability. There may be disagreements over joint finances; try to cooperate. Profound healing occurs on many levels -- seek out those willing to support your empowerment. New Moon on the 9th allows a true sense of alchemy to be experienced in love relationships. Don't be afraid to delve into deeper dimensions.

Gemini-Home, family and real estate matters are highlighted with the Sun and New Moon taking up residence in your fourth house. You might withdraw into yourself a bit. Meditate and get back in touch with your inner voice. Mend fences with family members. On the romance front, feisty Mars and powerful Pluto in your seventh house of relationship suggest avoiding power struggles, which can turn ugly. Know when to fight and when to give up. Cooperative alliances with others can make your goals easier to achieve. People drawn to you now tend to be rather combative. Even your partner may be unusually short tempered at this time. Luckily, the Full Moon on the 25th places an upbeat accent on friendship and group activities.

Cancer-You're busy as a bee this month with the Sun in your third house of communication, short distance travel, and education. All types of teaching, writing, and innovative ideas are highlighted. You may incorporate new techniques into your work. The Full Moon on the 25th focuses attention on career matters. This could pose a familiar dilemma: domestic needs vs. career ambitions. Venus going direct in your second house of finances house helps increase earning potential. Women are especially helpful in achieving these goals. Efficient use of the media and effective marketing can greatly assist you. Group organizations also provide financial opportunities. Mars in your sixth house along with Pluto, strongly suggest a change of job, especially if you're discontent. Active Mars also galvanizes physical energy and activity dramatically increases. Don't over do and deplete reserves.

Leo-Perhaps as reward for getting through last month, things are coming up roses! Financial success is yours. Family and domestic burdens are eased. Your sense of well being is improved: trademark creativity and enthusiasm return. Although tensions and adjustments in relationships prevail, things vastly improve. Concentrate on making changes rather than repeating the same old mistakes. Your heart opens as new freedom, trust, and faith filter in. Return to center stage as Venus goes direct in your ardent sign, enhancing sex appeal and style. This could be a red-letter month for those in entertainment and artistic professions. Careerwise, Saturn and Jupiter in your tenth house offer a mixed blessing, suggesting discipline and focus as new career opportunities present themselves.

Virgo-Happy Birthday September Virgo's! Greet the month with renewed self-confidence, enthusiasm and purpose. Your health and vitality are excellent, getting better everyday. Venus going direct on the 11th serves as an important financial turning point. Money owed is paid, and financial intuition is strong. New Moon on the 9th in your rather shy sign puts you in the spotlight more than usual. Integrity shines through, with attention focused on personal goals. Your analytical mind is busy this month and in highly critical mode. The Full Moon favors much buying and selling, and if you put your mind to it you'll come up with new moneymaking plans.

Libra-Your graceful ruler Venus finally goes direct on the 11th, promising more activity and enhanced social life. Relationships that have been put on hold move forward. Your aesthetic sense is outstanding. Creativity is inspiring, personal charm and grace are at all-time highs. Mercury in your artistic sign for the last two weeks of September provides a boost for poets, writers, and photographers. Open to your inner muse. On a more mundane level, catch up on messages, letters and emails. However with the Sun transiting your 12th house, there's a need for seclusion, introspection and personal space--a balancing act indeed, best spent reviewing the past year. Decide what you'd like to manifest. Complete unfinished tasks as route to simplifying your life.

Scorpio-Friendship and the future are highlighted. You may join a new group or organization. Hopes and dreams are dramatically revised; as needs evolve new goals are formed. The New Moon focuses attention on friendship and group activities. Mars finally leaves your intense sign, easing recent tensions considerably. Mars moving through the second house of money suggests quick financial moves and decisions. Whether to spend or invest is a large looming question. Love is still being tested with Saturn and Jupiter in your seventh house, but things finally start to flow. Slowly but surely progress is happening. The Full Moon on the 25th falls in your sixth house, positively emphasizing job and health concerns. Have any needed test or treatment done or begin consulting a holistic health practitioner.

Sagittarius-Mars in your adventurous sign makes you very assertive, active and magnetic now in pursuing personal interests. Joined by powerful Pluto, desires pack quite a wallop. This is an outstanding time for rejuvenating yourself for the many new challenges ahead. Careerwise, this is your yearly peak, so make a career step, get that promotion, receive those honors and accolades from others. The New Moon in your tenth house augments this theme, bringing clarity and information needed to take the next step. You're driven and focused, with presentations and business transactions gaining momentum. You're empowered to manifest career dreams--maintain vision and work toward achievement in practical and efficient ways. If you do find yourself in power struggles, exercise moderation. Tremendous physical dynamism combined with a hare trigger temper makes flare-up quite easy now. As you may not realize your own strength, this can be a recipe for disaster!

Capricorn-Your career is boosted through hard work and education as Mercury crosses into your tenth house mid month. Think big and expand career horizons when the Sun moves in on the 23rd. Prior to that, you may have increased interactions with foreigners, take a long trip, or pursue religious and philosophical interests with zeal. Venus in your eighth house goes direct on the 11th, making you a money magnet! Loans and other financial support are easier to get. Working with financial matters can seem more like fun then work. However, family ties and home front issues can be a source of frustration during the Full Moon on Sept. 25th--you can't have the rainbow with out the rain.

Aquarius-The Cosmos has tested you and you've passed with flying colors! You may find yourself asserting leadership in community projects and professional associations. Take advantage of new ideas and activities. Rethink assumptions and broaden thinking. Relationships with friends can get stormy. Prepare for some possible in fighting concerning group organizations. A power struggle may even erupt in your career. Strong eighth house focus provides an ability to reinvent yourself. Let go of the old and unnecessary and revamp present routines. Financial matters, especially taxes and joint investments, may become more complicated. Venus in your seventh house of partnership goes direct on the 11th and relationships seem to support needs. An on again/off again relationship may be back on track with partners more in tune and on the same wavelength. Relationships from the past may return, causing actual déjà vu experiences.

Pisces-The New Moon on the 9th places a positive focus on partnership matters and negotiations with others. Work of a collaborative nature is favored and all types of relationships are accentuated. Get set for a very active month concerning love, marriage and social activities. Mars joins Pluto in your tenth house of career, indicating dramatic growth, determination to achieve success, and possible power struggles with co-workers. You have certainly been of service to others, now it's your turn to shine. Taking high risks in and for your career, battling for your standing, and fighting for authority make rather mild mannered Pisces undefeatable now. Understand these strong motivations so as not to create any negative karma. Venus visits your sixth house of work echoing this theme. Love opportunities may be with co-workers, employers or superiors. Forward momentum occurs in your job sector. Seek out greater benefits or a promotion. Be mindful of your health, as all this work energy proves quite exhausting.


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