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Virgo in Service offers three essential chart reports as eReadings. eReadings are

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  • thorough and provide a precise layout of celestial happenings affecting personal and professional life
  • fast, reliable and reasonably priced
  • great as gifts!

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Birth chart report
(Blueprint to your inner soul)
Relationship report
(Love and Partnership)
Future Forecast report
(Career, Romance, Health, Finances, etc.)

A great starting point for all.

Richly detailed roadmap of unique talents, strengths, and challenges.

Focuses on optimal paths for self-fulfillment.

A strong building block for the future.

A great primer for the other reports.

Seeking greater clarity?
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Our most popular report for obvious reasons.

A great way to see what's in store for you and that special person.

Uncovers cosmic chemistry and dynamics between people.

Worthwhile guide for couples trying to learn how to better compliment and support one another.

Wondering if your connection is written in the stars? Order this revealing report NOW!
Explore optimum timing, gain insight for what you may expect for future trends.
Invaluable guide for planning the future, alerting you to what's ahead.

Draws upon current planetary cycles, enabling you to make the wisest choices in the coming months or year.

Timing is everything-This report offers important guidelines and accurate timing.

Making the most of upcoming opportunities? Order this beneficial report NOW!



$30.00  - 3 months
$40.00  - 6 months
$50.00  - Full year