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Planetary Currents
- April 1999 -

lways a good sign when Mercury turns direct (on April 2). It signals a time to move forward in matters of communication, travel and business dealings. Saturn in Taurus evokes concern over personal security and financial position. Heavy material and financial considerations prevail, so evaluate what is really important for sustenance. Saturn, the cosmic cop of the zodiac, squares off with Neptune, the planet more attuned to listening to the voice of the subconscious. Define your dreams and be willing to work hard to realize them. It's a delicate balancing act between trusting intuition or the unadorned facts as they appear. New moon in pioneering Aries on the 15 focuses on action, independence, taking the initiative and a positive fighting warrior spirit. Full Moon in magnetic Scorpio on the 30 sheds light on the subject of personal power.

Aries-Put your best foot forward with the sun in your first house. With many planets in your fearless sign, the pace of change is rapid. Your personal energy and assertiveness runs high. Personal appearance, sensual pleasures, finances and intellectual interests are all important now. Aries adrenaline flows during the New moon in your sign on the 15. The Ram is frisky indeed when Spring Fever hits. Your personal magnetism, confidence and flair are receiving notice. It's an outstanding time to give presentations or interviews, and to meet new people.

Taurus-The dream life is calling you now- inner reflections, spirituality, volunteer and charity activities. Spiritual issues dominate the early part of the month. It's a meaningful time to review your past year, take stock and formulate new goals for the coming year. Be prepared to accept your flaws, as well as your strengths with complete honesty. Finances are good all month with delayed payments and deals starting to move forward again. A sudden windfall or opportunity may crop up. Full Moon in your seventh house suggests you may be ready to define a new set of promises with your partner.

Gemini-Your ruler Mercury, retrograding last month, gave opportunity to rethink personal goals. Mercury moving forward into your house of profession shows great career confidence and progress. Powerful benefits accrue through professional or social organizations. You feel idealistic, wanting to help others while pursuing your own unique vision of life. Venus moving into versatile Gemini on the twelfth brings liveliness and verve to your appearance. However, Gemini's love of variety can make them appear rather fickle. Needing intellectual rapport to fall in love, a meeting of the minds is a distinct possibility. With charm and wit overflowing, others may find you downright irresistible.

Cancer-Professional advancements continue. Outward achievements accelerate. Trust your own judgement as career, friendships and group activities predominate. Parents and those in authority are supportive and provide many opportunities for success. Romantic opportunities may evolve through the pursuit of financial goals. Venus brings you happiness through involvement in humanitarian concerns. You'll feel safe within an inner circle, but enjoy expanding the bounds. Partners may be spending more quality time with a romantic interest, or sharing a secret romance with the world. Artistic endeavors flourish.

Leo-Important teachers may come into your life at this time. You feel a greater connection and appreciation of foreign cultures and religions. Travel, publishing and education are all highlighted. With Jupiter (the planet of expansion) in your ninth house, you are envisioning new horizons for yourself as well as fresh plans for the future. You may feel inspired to make self-improvement efforts. Family matters may need extra care during the Full Moon on April 30, when control issues can erupt in full force. You might find yourself torn between love and your career, as affections seem to change at the drop of a hat.

Virgo-You are in major Spring-Cleaning mode, making positive adjustments that can help you feel more alive and in control of your health. Make a commitment to ward off stress and anxiety. With Uranus and Neptune in your sixth house, the latest fad diet may catch your attention-- make sure it's nutritionally sound before following it. Finances may need extra attention, so this is a good period to organize files. Clear out the cobwebs. Examine budgets. Joint property and resources may increase in value with the New Moon in your house of investments. Several opportunities to improve long-range financial security present themselves.

Libra-The New Moon in your house of partnerships favors new beginnings, amorous wedding plans, or starting brand new partnerships. April offers a chance to learn more about your relationships. With Jupiter in your seventh house, confusion can appear from too many romantic prospects. The New moon on the 15 clarifies the whole social and romantic picture. Mercury moves forward this month, unblocking travel plans, and opening up educational prospects. Be careful of excess spending, as a retrograde Mars visits your second house. You may feel more impulsive than usual, and have an insatiable desire to buy things you don't need.

Scorpio-Employment interests and health matters are the focus. Work is a positive place to channel your abundant energies and further your ambitions. After the 20, you may experience difficulties in negotiation, and have trouble getting along with business or marital partners. Frustration can lead to angry disputes especially on the 19, when Mars opposes Saturn. Full Moon in your determined sign on the 30, suggests you may be able to salvage an important connection. Innovative business moves are favored and improved efficiency at work reigns. The more practical and efficient you become, the more invaluable you make yourself to clientele.

Sagittarius-Lucky Sagittarius-more fun is the order of the day. Fifth house of creative pursuits, romance, dating and hobbies are all activated. Wonderful parties and fulfilling entertainment all serve to keep your spirits high. Broaden outlook through travel or taking a class. With Venus in your seventh house, romance and partnerships will be happily accented. A bit of pampering can be a source of vitality. Share your hopes and dreams with your partner during the New Moon on the 15. Listen to your dreams, as they can be quite illuminating and prophetic.

Capricorn-Family matters and property concerns are a major focus. This is the time to plan home repairs, house hunt, or make major family decisions. New Moon in your fourth house definitely favors buying and selling of properties. Expect to find a satisfying conclusion to a household dilemma that started last year. After the 20, you'll be inclined to spend more time with children, to enjoy recreational interests, to date and have more amusement. Guard against quarrels with friends and lovers when Mars opposes Saturn on the 19. Strive for tolerance and patience. With Venus in your sixth house of work after the 12, construct solid plans for accomplishing your goals, aligned with those who share your ideals.

Aquarius-The pace quickens as mental interests, communications and business transactions take center stage. Your mind is sharp and exceptionally clear. Students, writers and communicators of all kinds have a banner month. If you have an opportunity to travel, teach or study --go for it! Take time to connect with siblings and neighbors, and clarify any misunderstandings during the New Moon on the 15. There's still great concern in balancing personal freedom with family duties and responsibilities. The same holds true for your love life, as your needs and those of your partner have to be equally weighed. Job seekers have better luck making successful decisions.

Pisces-Your economic outlook greatly improves, as your second house of finances is put to use. Earnings are increased, investments are worth more, and speculations are favorable. Your many financial plans and projects get clarified by the New Moon on the 15. With Mercury going forward, relations with your loved ones (or beloved) are back on track. An added bonus is a green light for shopping, signing papers and financial agreement. The Full Moon on the 30 gives you extra energy and insight to achieve academic and religious goals - even philosophical illumination. A vacation retreat is a deserving idea as both students and teachers are working harder. With exuberant well being, you may spend even more on health projects.

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