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Planetary Currents
- JULY 1999 -

his month's celestial map includes a Mercury and Venus retrograde! Mercury begins its tailspin on July 12th and continues until August 6th. Double check important communication, postpone purchases and repairs of cars and computers. And by all means, double check summer travel plans and reservations! Venus retrogrades in cautious Virgo on July 30th and continues until September 11th. It would be wise not to schedule either marriages or divorces during this time. Use this period to redefine and perfect your social life and values. It may feel like relationships are moving backwards rather than forward, and an old love may even reenter your life. Venus retrogrades occurs every two years and prompts an inward turn, a reevaluation of what we hold dear. Also on the cosmic agenda, Jupiter squares Neptune, encouraging us to find ways to give social expression to ideals. Keep both feet on the ground as you reach for the stars. Saturn squares Uranus, the old versus the new battle, motivating us to take a look at areas of restriction. New Moon in Cancer on July 12th plants seeds for empathetic understanding. And a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in unpredictable Aquarius on the 28th heats up the sky, insuring a long hot summer.

Aries-Attention turns towards home, family, and domestic concerns. Strike out in a whole new direction on the home front with the New Moon in your fourth house. Jupiter and Saturn, both in your house of money and possessions, indicate financial progress, as long as you are willing to work long and hard. Mercury's retrograde from July 13-August 6th gives you the time to backtrack where necessary. Final financial decisions or signing contracts look more favorable next month. Things might not move as fast as you would like this month, so you might as well relax and go with the flow.

Taurus-A busy month as the Sun transits your third house of communication, local travel and education. However, Mercury going retrograde ion the 12th may delay some of your progress. Put off car and machinery purchases. As Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into creative Taurus for the summer, confidence increases as you broaden your horizons. Take the steps necessary to build a solid foundation for your dreams. Summer pleasures can provide an effective diversion from all that work of late. Changes around your domestic life begin at the end of the month. Mars in Scorpio, back in your seventh house of relationships, can indicate a serious change of heart.

Gemini-As your ruler Mercury retrogrades on July 12th, minimize traveling where possible. If you're a writer or publisher, this is an excellent time for writing and preparing manuscripts and reports, but not the best time for releasing them into the world. Moreover, Mercury is retrograding in your third house of communication, indicating a double whammy of cosmic confusion. Computer glitches can turn into crashes. In spite of being communicatively challenged by the universe, the Sun in your house of money and Mars entering the employment realm of your chart allows you to increase your income and professional standing.

Cancer-It's your birthday month and the New Moon in your empathic sign has people taking notice of your charm and allure. Intuitive insights strengthen trust in yourself, and your emotional sensitivity is stronger than usual. Important areas of interest are the body, image, friends and personal transformation. All Lunar Eclipses are significant for you, as the Moon is your ruling planet. It's helpful to have these periodic re-definitions of your life path. Try to take it easy a few days before and after the Eclipse on July 28th. This Eclipse in particular may bring temporary upheavals in joint finances, or a new development regarding insurance or legal claims. If love seems stormy, look to finances as the cause.

Leo-A perfect time to reflect on how well you have used your energies in the past year is upon you. After the 4th, Mars moves into your domestic sector. Say yes to home improvements, no to family quarrels. Emotional turmoil can deplete your physical vitality. You may even feel like hiding out. Mercury's retrograde after the 12th complicates finances, and your financial judgement might not be sound as usual. And with Uranus and Neptune in your seventh house, relationships can be disruptive and confusing. The Lunar Eclipse on July 28th, centers your attention on relationships, so fix them or let them go. The status quo is no longer a viable option.

Virgo-Mercury's tailspin from July 12th-August 6th is complicated by vague misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and hidden agendas. Extra care in legal matters is necessary. This is a good time to review contracts and edit documents. Take advantage of the Lunar Eclipse energy to make work improvements and revise plans to raise productivity. Just don't over analyze everything! Venus enters your rather reserved mid-month, be open to new ways to reinvent yourself, and spruce yourself up a bit. However, when Venus retrogrades on the 30th, over-defensiveness or lack of social confidence may surface.

Libra-Aggressive Mars is leaving your peaceable sign on the 5th. Though it gave you more energy and drive, it also made your uncharacteristically irritable and hot-tempered. Mars now takes up residence in you second house of finance. Conquer new markets and beat out the competition. Desire for accomplishments and attention continues as the Sun aligns at your midheaven. The New Moon places a positive accent on career interest and a raise or well-deserved promotion may await you. However, with mercury retrograde, misunderstandings can run rampant, and if you feel you 've gotten your signals crossed, clarifying the issue may present a challenge at this time. Artistic interests can help you feel more balanced.

Scorpio-This month offers up long journeys and big plans for the future. After the 5th, Mars back in your intense sign indicates efforts to make improvements in your appearance. You're unwavering and ready to do battle if needed. Mind your temper and tongue. On the positive side, you'll have energy to burn and increased courage. With Jupiter and Saturn in your seventh house of relationships, some may be tempted to marry someone older and wiser, a foreigner, or someone out of the past. The Lunar Eclipse occurs in your fourth house of home and family and tends to complicate things. Some flaws may be revealed in the home, but avoid major investments until the all the facts are known.

Sagittarius-Get in touch with the Higher Plan for your life. Try to understand the long -term perspective. Then you'll be able to put all these minor glitches and delays in proper perspective. Especially useful with Mercury and Venus retrograde. Major interests this month are travel, intellectual pursuits, work and health. Love may find you at a university, in a foreign land, while traveling or at a spiritual or religious retreat. The Lunar Eclipse on the 28th reminds you to have your car and computer checked out. Venus goes retrograde on the 30th in your career house. Job or career changes may need more thought and planning. Always optimistic, job offers may not be all that you think they are. Be sure and get all the details and read the fine print.

Capricorn-The many retrogrades this month offer a mixed blessing, Socially, your judgements and perceptions are unusually insightful. The New Moon on the 13th provides a guiding light for love and social decisions. Singles may decide to marry. More ambitious than ever, career urges are there, but progress is slow. Developments may be taking place behind the scenes. Use delays to perfect your goals and plans. The Lunar Eclipse on the 28th, impacts your finances. There could be sudden setbacks, financial conflicts with partners and a need to work harder to attain financial goals. The positive part of this is that you get a chance to exercise your financial genius-what Capricorn's are famous for.

Aquarius-A good month to take it one day at a time, with the Lunar Eclipse falling in your unpredictable sign. Beware of making a rash decision concerning a personal relationship on the 28th, as you are apt to overreact emotionally. Demands from others are likely to escalate, avoid negative mental and psychic states. The Eclipse can affect your image, personality and physical body. Impurities in the body could come up for cleansing and healing. Open to your spiritual needs and seek positive ways to release and express your emotions. Until the 23rd, employment, relations with co-workers and occupational efficiency takes your your time. Luckily, Jupiter blesses your domestic sector and transforms your home into a peaceful sanctuary. Just what the universe ordered as reflections and relaxation is sorely needed.

Pisces-Affairs of the heart are in the spotlight as the Sun transits your fifth house of romance and recreation. The New Moon on the 12th draws attention to creativity and romance. See things in a new light and renew bonds of affection. Discover the spiritual link between yourself and others. Connecting with nature, hiking or gardening can bring your spirit into harmony and balance your physical energy. Whether you are sharing your ideas with others, or learning new skills, everything seems to enhance your creativity and self-expression. Studying with a master teacher can bring your life work to a new pinnacle. Regarding love, the retrograde of Venus starting on the 30th suggests not jumping into serious love relationships. Give love time to develop. A current romantic opportunity could be a false start.

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