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 Celestial Magic
Tarot and Astrology
For Parties and Events

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Delight Friends and Co-workers with the
Magic of Tarot and Astrology at your next Party or Event.

Celestial Magic practitioners provided services
for San Francisco's Channel 7 KGO TV's
annual event.

Private Parties
 Business functions
 Large events

$250.00 per hour.

Meet our Practitioner:

Andrea Mallis: For over a decade, Andrea Mallis, owner and founder of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting, has shared knowledge and insight for personal growth. A graduate of Vicki Noble’s Motherpeace School of Shamanic Healing Arts, Andrea served as resident astrologer at Berkeley’s Gaia Bookstore for three years.

Equally proficient in tarot, Andrea was a featured speaker at the annual San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium. She has appeared on KEST and STARTALK radio, as well as numerous TV programs. Her horoscopes have been published nationally. Andrea takes great delight in working at parties and special events throughout the Bay Area as part of “Celestial Magic”.

For further information please contact:
e-mail: andrea@virgoinservice.com
or phone

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