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Planetary Currents
- December
2000 Horoscope -

New Moon in Capricorn greets us on
Christmas Day on Dec 25
Full Moon in Gemini on Dec 11

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Dec 3
Venus enters Aquarius on Dec 8
Sun enters Capricorn on Dec 21-Blessed Winter Solstice!
Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 22
Mars enters Scorpio on Dec 23

Aries-Lots of travel opportunities present themselves. You're actively involved with friends and acquaintances. You enjoy spending lots of time with the individuals you feel are spiritually kindred and those you meet seem affable and kind.

Taurus-You could be involved in some type of negotiation concerning a loan, will or taxes. While career success is not assured, recognition and praise is almost a certainty. Your passionate one to one relationships are more fiery, as is the strength of your convictions.

Gemini-With the Full Moon in your sign, you're going to be very busy sharing activities and intellectual conversations with your mate, spouse or best friend. A long-distance trip to an exotic place that you've wanted to take for ages could finally materialize.

Cancer-Be sure to get plenty of rest and schedule some quiet time to recharge your spiritual batteries. Your perceptions are keen now, and you should follow your hunches. You could also receive a fabulous gift from a secret admirer or gain the guidance of a spiritual mentor.

Leo-The party invitations just keep rolling in and you are set to be the socialite of the month. You're probably in the midst of finalizing the details of your own holiday celebrations. You re full on energy, which might be best spent on recreation, sports or a hobby.

Virgo-Domestic affairs, errands to run, friends to feed, keep you busier than usual. You'll have to be careful not to get so wrapped up in matters on the home front that you miss a career opportunity that could come your way. Stay in shape through the holidays by eating low fat treats and getting plenty of exercise.

Libra-You set a fast pace keeping up with all the parties, trips and other fun activities that come your way. You're full of self-confidence and your communication skills are excellent, making it easy to win support for whatever plans you want to promote.

Scorpio-Your financial picture needs some attention; perhaps you went a bit overboard buying gifts for loved ones. You don't like having debts, so crunch a few numbers and rework the budget. Follow your hunches about investments.

Sagittarius-With Mercury in your expansive sign, get ready to travel and explore to your hearts content. Siblings, neighbors and your significant other have the most to offer communication wise, including some good advice, so listen up.

Capricorn-You finally get a chance to talk about something you have been dwelling on for a long time, and you may feel both anxious and relieved. If it's a financial matter, let your intuition be your guide. If you have a problem with a coworker, try not to blow the situation out of proportion.

Aquarius-It's likely that you'll be actively involved in some type of charity work, perhaps helping to organize a benefit. Whatever you do, you'll be in contact with lot of people, including children. With Venus in your sign, expect finances to approve along with your charm. You be more fun and entertaining. Enjoy!

Pisces-Your tendency towards escapist behaviors is stronger than usual, so be judicious with your alcohol and drug intake. If you find yourself daydreaming a lot, try turning that imaginative power in a constructive direction.

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