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- June 2000 Horoscope -

ew Moon in communicative Gemini is on June 2nd. Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius is on June 16th.

Lots of planets in emotional Cancer this month, including Mars on June 16 followed by Venus on June 18th, and the Sun on June 20th. Happy Summer Solstice!

Jupiter dips its toe into chatty Gemini on June 30th. And of course, last but not least, Mercury retrogrades on June 23 until July18th. Please refer to my Mercury retrograde bookmark on my home page for a list of things to do and not to do when Mercury retrograde strikes.

Aries-You're interested in everything and eager to cover as much ground as possible. This makes you restless and you may struggle with polarities like reason vs. intuition, and knowledge vs. wisdom. Family matters and domestic affairs are highlighted. Expect lots of visits or calls from siblings, neighbors and relatives.

Taurus-Security issues are on your mind as you think about both your current circumstances and your future. You want to earn more money so that you can afford the little luxuries that are so important to you, as will as put some cash away for emergencies. You are steady and patient so you are bound to improve your financial situation.

Gemini-You has a renewed outlook on life as will as in increase in self-awareness. This is your time of year to shine and take action. You want to impress others and you make efforts to bring your talents to the notice of others.

Cancer-You have a desire to take stock of your life. To overcome any feelings that are keeping you from spiritual growth, and to conquer any bad habits that affect your physical, emotional or psychological health. You explore your inner being for guidance through meditation or dreams.

Leo-A friend or acquaintance you have been disenchanted with may become close again. You want to enjoy the company of friends, but you also want to work on a creative project. You want to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Virgo-Your reputation may be enhanced or you may gain recognition for your contributions to either the community or your company. If you have goals you've not yet achieved, bow is the time to put more energy into bringing them into fruition. Acquire new skills and improve your marketability.

Libra-You're in the mood to travel to foreign lands for a lot of excitement and change of pace. You may even be thinking of moving, as you wonder whether your current neighborhood offers enough in the way of education, culture, and room for expansion.

Scorpio-If you are provoked in any way, you may overreact and make others uncomfortable. You can take control over your intense emotions, but only if you make the attempt. Explore deep mediations and investigate spiritual philosophies. Doubts about a romantic relationship may lessen as you reach anew level of understanding.

Sagittarius-You have a chance to come to a clearer understanding of your emotional needs concerning your spouse, mate or business partner. You will even have renewed energy to deal with those vexing to your spirit.

Capricorn-Some changes to your day tot day routine, make activities a lot more interesting than they have been. You have more enthusiasm and take learning a new on the job technique in stride, well are of the long term benefits it can provide.

Aquarius-You're ready to do something vigorous and physical-like climb a mountain. Your are in the mood to enjoy some pleasurable activities and you can count on invitation for fun events to pour in. Enjoy!

Pisces-You want security and only your home and family seem able to provide that now. You have a renewed interest in what is going on in your household and may even get the urge to work in the garden, (very grounding for you) or redecorate the house. Your emotions run strong and you may want to spend quality time with family members.

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