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Planetary Currents
- September
2000 Horoscope -

eptember 2000 brings enormous opportunities for personal and planetary growth. The Jupiter Pluto opposition arrives on the 4th, but is in effect for some weeks before that date. It remains in effect until mid-November, giving you ample time to use it to your advantage. Remember--you use transits, or they use you!

Jupiter and Pluto represent very different energies. Jupiter represents growth, expansion and optimism. You may get the urge to travel, take classes, or form new alliances. Pluto transits are associated with death and rebirth, much like the Hindu god Shiva. Regeneration and transformation are the cosmic orders of the day. Circumstances peel away outmoded beliefs and attachments. Let go of whatever is no longer for your highest good, and trust that something much better manifests for you!


Full Moon in Pisces on Sept.13
New Moon in Libra on Sept. 27

Mercury in Virgo Sept. 7
Mars in Virgo Sept. 16
Sun enters Libra--Blessed Fall Equinox on Sept. 22
Mercury enters Scorpio on Sept. 28

Saturn stations retrograde on Sept. 12
Jupiter stations retrograde on Sept. 29

Aries-Travel, both near and far, may be challenging. Plans you make could fall through or involve unforeseen difficulties. When Mars enters Virgo, you have the energy and stamina to handle a mountain of on the job duties, and your motivation to succeed is revived. If situations are less than ideal at work, you are likely to take action to change that.

Taurus-Good month to deal with financial matters-individual, shared and business. Not a good time for speculation, gambling and investments. Create your own opportunities career wise, If you imagine the kind of future you want-and get that vision out into the universe-it can manifest.

Gemini-Jupiter in Gemini opposes powerful Pluto in Sagittarius-steer clear of power struggles. The expectations of others may seem hard to meet, and you may expect too much from yourself as well.

Cancer-You are very sensitive to the undercurrents you know are going on around you. You intuitively know how to wend your way through them, and to channel your energies in directions that will be most advantageous to you. Pay attention to your dreams; they contain helpful messages.

Leo-You are very busy with local activities-- meetings with friends or short trips with a spouse or mate. You are extremely busy ushering people in and out of your home, making phone calls, etc. You have many plans on how to make your home more attractive, and now is a good time to implement them.

Virgo-Virgo-You could have trouble meeting both family and career commitments. You 're likely to be more satisfied with what's going on at work, especially when you receive well earned praise from superiors. You could be up for a promotion. Mars in Virgo helps you be more assertive about what you want.

Libra-Libra-Mercury in Libra showcases your wit and intelligence. Any experiences you have now are likely to lead to new insights, and though the idea of a romantic affair is romantic and appealing, you may have more serious matters on your mind-like developing your spirituality and expanding your consciousness.

Scorpio-Mercury enters your intense sign the end of the month. So does Venus. You have no patience for restrictions in you life. You are tempted to do a complete makeover of your self and your wardrobe, so that a new and better person can emerge.

Sagittarius-With Jupiter in your partnership house, opposing Pluto, you begin to realize that your attitude about marriage and other types of partnerships is changing. You have your own personal goals and you wonder just how much you are willing to give up, if necessary, to fully accommodate the needs of a committed relationship.

Capricorn- You enjoy your job for the most part, but it seems to be getting more difficult for you to cope with the daily routines that are involved. Plus, you may feel that the position doesn't really allow you to spread your wings. You could be holding yourself back from making a job change because of security issues. Money is not the sum of everything.

Aquarius-You used to have a lot of fun with your friends, but now it seems that you may have outgrown some of them. Make sure you remain true to yourself-and your friends-before cutting any ties. With many planets in air, your ability to create is greatly enhanced. You are ready to tackle many new adventures.

Pisces-With Mars in your relationship house; you are a bit more confrontational, particularly with those closest to you, like a spouse, best friend or business partner. Try to channel that energy into physical activity. If you cannot do that, then try to work on some project by yourself.

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