Birth Astrology Chart

Clarifies the gifts and potential of your innate UNIQUENESS. Detailed explanation of your planets in signs, houses, and aspects. Ideal for those new to astrology.

Relationship Compatibility

Essential for understanding relationship DYNAMICS. Discover what makes you tick and what ticks you off. Shine precious light upon the chemistry of interactions with romantic or business partners, friends, and family.

Solar Return

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!" Take a fresh look at your personal new year ahead.

Progressed Chart

Highlights your EVOLVING identity. Pinpoint life cycles and illuminate major turning points.


The ultimate "HOW TO CHILDREN'S INSTRUCTION MANUAL" providing insight into your child's personality and budding talents.

Business Charts

To increase success: cast charts for BUSINESS OPENINGS, expansions, and incorporation dates.

Timely Planetary

Opens your astrological window to the future. Interprets the major planetary influences affecting your natal chart during a specific time period. Explains how to make the most of the coming weeks or months, or even years.

Relocation Chart

Thinking of moving? This assists you in finding the most suitable geographical places for you to thrive. Shows how your chart would work in SPECIFIC LOCATONS.

Electional Astrology

Choose the most auspicious TIMING for weddings, rituals, tattoos, body piercing, home or car buying, store openings, travel, contract signings, optimal surgery dates, etc.

Andrea Mallis astrologer preparing for a consultation

Astrological Consultation Fees...

Complete Birth Chart : Clarifies past, present, and upcoming opportunities
$175.00 per hour, two hour minimum.

Other Astrological Services

Covers Current Forecasts, Compatibility, Electional, etc.
$175.00.... per hour

I also offer "E" Readings, Convenient Astrological Reports delivered to your email inbox (or mailed). Makes a great gift!


Motherpeace Tarot Readings

Receive guidance, validation, and direction in your DECISION-MAKING. Through the empowering imagery of the matrilineal Motherpeace deck, you will become aware of your own power in resolving life's challenges. As you discover the Goddess within, you will gain valuable emotional and spiritual strength, and purpose.

Motherpeace Tarot rates: $55 for 1/2 hour; $70 for 1 hour

I also offer...

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