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Andrea Mallis Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, is a devoted baseball fan, writer, and astrologer. She grew up in Queens, New York during the Mets' magical 1973 "Ya Gotta Believe" season. When Andrea moved to Berkeley, California, becoming a certified astrologer in 1989 culminated the journey. She pioneered the magical blend of sports and astrology after attending an Oakland A's game in 2001. After calling the post game radio show and discussing eccentric Barry Zito's chart, she became a hit. Andrea's "Astrology Minute" illuminated the game for five seasons on the Oakland A's post-game radio show "Extra Innings." Andrea's "Astrology Minute" illuminated the game for five seasons on the Oakland A's post-game radio show "Extra Innings" and was the Astrologer during the A's Moneyball Era. She currently shares her expertise on NBC Sports Bay Area and California, formerly Comcast SportsNet, KNBR, 95.7 The Game, ESPN, CBS Sports Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and MLB Network Radio on SiruisXM Satellite Radio.

In Baseball, as in Astrology, Timing is Everything!

Sports Astrology provides valuable information for athletes and all levels of team management, illuminating the mental, emotional and physical game. Maximize investment, discern performance cycles, injury proneness, advantageous trades, free agents, draft choices, scouting, contract signings, clubhouse chemistry and more.

While not a psychic, Andrea analyzes data from an athlete's birth chart, and compares planets at birth to current alignments - known as forecasting. The old paradigm is based on past performance, Sports Astrology is based on future performance cycles, and imparts a pioneering, competitive advantage. She consults with athletes, General Managers, team owners, coaches, managers, parents and WAGS (wives and girlfriends). While she doesn't have a crystal ball, Andrea does have an 80% accuracy rate when supplied with correct data, and is capable of supplementing scouting and other traditional methods with groundbreaking foresight checks, literally saving teams millions of dollars.

Andrea Mallis has appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, ESPN News, ESPN2 Cold Pizza, and Baseball Tonight. She's appeared on Comcast SportsNet, now NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports California, SNY, NBC 11, Channel 2 KTVU, KRON 4 and Channel 5 KPIX and KGO 7. She's written for Major League Baseball magazines, Page 2, MLB.COM, as well as appearing on local TV and radio shows. She's a frequent guest on KNBR The Sports Leader, 95.7 The Game, CBS Sports Radio, Fox Sports Radio, WFAN, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and served as astrologer on ESPN AllNight Radio. Sam Walker (Wall Street Journal sportswriter) highlighted Andrea in his book on fantasy baseball, "FantasyLand." Andrea's unique work is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, Chicago Tribune and Sun Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, Sports Illustrated and most recently the New York Times Sports Section.

Let this Most Valuable Predictor guide you with your game! For more information, see this 2006 Orlando, Florida Winter Meetings flyer and predictions, please visit this link.

For more information and a list of past predictions, see the 2005 Dallas, Texas Winter Meetings flyer and predictions, please visit this link.

KTVU Channel 2 SF Giants special with Sportscaster Scott Reiss.
Andrea shared her sports astrology on the Giants special “Armed and Dangerous” on March 25, 2016,
and again on Sports Wrap “Even Year Magic” on April 3, 2016.

ABC 7 news interview with Tim Didion Super Bowl 50, February 4, 2016

NBC 11 Bay Area News Interview: Astrologer Predicts Warriors Will Win NBA Finals

The stars are aligning for the Warriors and Steph Curry, according to one Bay Area sports astrologer. Ian Cull reports.
Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, interview with NBC 11 Bay Area News on June 5, 2015.
She accurately predicted Steph Curry’s and the Warriors strong forecast, as the Warriors went on to win the NBA Championship.

Channel 2 KTVU News Interview with Ken Wayne
on San Francisco Giants Playoffs with Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis, October 13, 2014
Sports astrologer looks to stars for Giants predictions

Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis shares her celestial insights on
June 15, 2012

A natural for Fantasy Baseball, Andrea joins the Fantasy Baseball 360 crew to discuss Gemini Birthday Boy Tim Lincecum, Taurus Barry Zito, Perfect Game Libra Matt Cain, and Capricorn Albert Pujols.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer on SF Giants "G Mag"
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, on Tim Lincecum's chart, May 26, 2012

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer on SF Giants Pre-Game Show
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, June 10, 2012

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer on All A's
Comcast SportsNet California, April 12, 2012

National Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis stops by 95.7 The Game, by the Chris Townsend show,
she'll tell you why she sees good thing in the future of Tim Lincecum,
and have you ever wondered what makes Towny tick?

Andrea Mallis, on Comcast SportsNet.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, shared her unique perspective on the San Francisco Giants World Series, on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area TV, Friday, October 29, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, Speaks about the S.F. Giants on Comcast SportsNet, NBC Bay Area, and KRON 4 during the 2010 World Series

ESPN Interviews Andrea Mallis,
Sports Astrologer

Play | Stop       9-29-05 6:38 PM EST

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, is frequently contacted by ESPN to share her unique planetary perspective. This video clip from SportsCenter on September 28, 2005, highlights the exiting rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox in the Baseball Playoffs. Andrea compared methodical Virgo Randy Johnson's forecast with intense Scorpio Curt Schilling's, correctly concluding that Johnson's chart looked stronger.

Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis interview with
Crescent Diamond after 2005 Baseball Winter Meetings

FantasyLand Book Excerpts
©2006 by Sam Walker. Reprinted with permission
Click here for "Fantasyland" Book

MLB.COM Radio "Under the Lights" presents
Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer,
live from the Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida December 6, 2006


To listen to Andrea on radio Click Here

Virgo in Service
Sports Astrology Podcasts


CBS Sports Radio Ken Carman Show: December 31, 2017

Raiders Coach Aries Jack Del Rio sports astrology as he is fired, Leo Jon Gruden sports astrology.


Fox Sports Radio The Ben Maller Show: December 4, 2017

SuperMoon Sports Astrology as #49ers win.
Planets align for Scorpio QB Jimmy Garoppolo,
Jupiter aligns with his Mars in Scorpio in his home town on his dad’s birthday.


95.7 The Game: April 2, 2017

Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis joins Franco and Kags,
Gianna Franco and Anna Kagarakis Podcast on 95.7 The Game
and shares her take and readings on Mark Davis, Matt Cain, Sonny Gray and more!


CBS Sports Radio Moose & Maggie Show: June 18, 2016

Ayesha Curry sports astrology


CBS Sports Radio Ken Carman Show: June 12, 2016

NBA Finals Cavaliers LeBron James vs. Warriors Draymond Green sports astrology compatibility,
Mars in Pisces on Draymond’s Mercury in Pisces
#FreeDraymond as he is suspended for Game 5 of NBA Finals


CBS Sports Radio Andy GreshShow: June 11, 2016

NBA Basketball Finals Sports Astrology
Cavaliers Capricorn LeBron James vs. Warriors Pisces Steph Curry


CBS Sports Radio Moose & Maggie Show: April 15, 2016

Andrea’s Sports Astrology of Warriors Historic 73 Win Season


CBS Sports Radio Ken Carman Show: February 7, 2016
Super Bowl 50 Sports Astrology, QB’s Panthers Taurus Cam Newton and Broncos Aries Peyton Manning



Fox Sports Radio Jason Smith Show: February 5, 2016

NFL Playoffs Sports Astrology


CBS Sports Network Boomer & Carton Super Bowl 50 : February 4, 2016

Boomer & Carton: Andrea Mallis Has A Grasp On Astrology


CBS Sports Radio Ken Carman Show: January 24, 2016

NFL Playoffs Sports Astrology


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast: October 27, 2015
World Series Sports Astrology New York Mets vs. Kansas City Royals 2015



CBS Sports Radio Ken Carman Show: June 3, 2015

Sports Astrology of Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Finals,
Steph Curry vs. LeBron James, accurate forecast of Curry’s victorious Pluto Mars cycle


ESPN Marty and McGee Super Bowl show: 1/31/15

Andrea Mallis shares her Super Bowl sports astrology
with ESPN’s Marty Smith and Ryan McGee show
on January 31, 2015 as they break down Super Bowl XLIX.
Plus, they receive a unique astrological explanation of
what Taurus Marshawn Lynch's birth date has to do
with his lack of interest in the media.


Up in the Nosebleeds's tracks

Andrea Mallis, shares her sports astrology insights
with Nick Vezmar’s “Up in the Nosebleeds” Podcast
on the San Francisco Giants including Pablo Sandoval
and Tim Lincecum astrology charts on July 26, 2014.


Athletics Talk Now | Athletics Talk Now: Andrea Mallis (Podcast No. 114)

On Athletics Talk Now, renowned Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis
shares her sports astrology on the Oakland Athletics
on the popular Dale Tafoya Podcast show on July 31, 2013.


Source NewAge Podcast

Andrea Mallis astrologer preparing for a consultation
Click Here

This week's podcast has Tony and Rob talking to Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis about baseball players and how her readings help predict their fortunes.

WFAN New York "The Fan" Sports Radio 66 am, Steve Somers Show

MP3 Click Here

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer had the pleasure to be interviewed by Steve on the Steve Somers Show, September 29, 2007

Andrea was asked to assess New York Mets pitching, specifically Billy Wagner, John Maine and Tom Glavine.

Andrea was correct stating Billy Wagner's low energy cycles/ injury woes, John Maine pitching a great game on Saturday and Glavine not faring very well on Sunday.

NBC 11 TV NEWS Bay Area Astrologer Talks Sports

Andrea Mallis creatrix of virgo in service astrological consulting and deva
Click Here

Bay Area astrologer Andrea Mallis gives her predictions about the future of the 49ers and the Raiders as well as Barry Bonds.

The Astrology of Athletes SF Astrological Society

SF Astrology Interview
Click Here to Listen to Her Interview

The Astrology of Athletes" presentation by Andrea Mallis, at the San Francisco Astrological Association, April 24, 2008. Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, illuminated an athlete's mental, emotional and physical game. Utilizing charts of Tiger Woods, Barry Zito, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Alex Smith and others, she revealed performance cycles, injury markers, clubhouse chemistry, etc.

Backstage with Ben Fong-Torres. Press Here!


Part 1

Part 2

Ben Fong-Torres, the venerable rock writer, author, radio host, San Francisco Chronicle columnist and former editor of Rolling Stone magazine interviewed Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis for his distinctive KFRC radio show "Backstage with Ben Fong- Torres." "Backstage" dives deep into rock history, music, and features rarities from methodical Capricorn Ben's astonishing personal music library. Ben and I talked baseball and spun some astrologically inspired records including the classic "Age of Aquarius." The A's, Giants and Mets were highlighted, as were Barry Zito's planetary struggles to the tune of "Born Under a Bad Sign." "Virgo, the sign of the Perpetual Perfectionist", a psychedelic 60's cut from an album on the Zodiac, rounded out the extraordinary set.

An Andrea Mallis, "The Sports Astrologer," Interview That You're Gonna Love! | Jimmy Scott's High & Tight

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, shares her celestial preview on the new Mets, K- Rod and J.J. Putz, and new Yankees C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira on Mike Silva's New York Baseball Digest Blog Talk Radio 1240 AM WGBB Long Island on March 22, 2009.

Sports Internet Blog Talk Radio

ESPN ALLNIGHT RADIO Interview with Andrea Mallis
Official Astrologer of ESPN ALLNIGHT RADIO by Jason Smith
on TIGER WOODS ASTROLOGY on December 16, 2009

ESPN All Night Radio with Jason Smith


ESPN All Night Radio with Jason Smith

Nationally acclaimed Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis sharing her expertise with ESPN NEWS before Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals 2004 World Series

Sports Astrology Commentator:

KNBR Sportsphone 680
KNBR 680 Radio, The Sports Leader, San Francisco, CA

  • KNBR Tonight with Ryan Covey and Drew Hoffar and Kevin Frandsen
  • SPORTSPHONE 680 with Ray Woodson "Andrea the Astrologer"
  • SPORTSPHONE 680 with Bill Laskey and Vida Blue
  • KNBR Giants Pre and Post game shows with Mary Lurie
  • SPORTSPHONE 680 Eric Brynes
  • Rick Barry Show
  • SPORTSPHONE 680 with Larry Krueger 49ers Red and Gold Wrap Up
  • The John London "Not Just Sports" Show
  • Sportsphone 680, with Damon Bruce
  • Sportsphone 680 with FP Santangelo
  • KNBR Giants Warm-Up and Wrap-Up shows with Mychael Urban
  • KNBR Giants Pre/Post game shows with Mary Lurie

95.7 The Game The Bay Area's only FM Sports Station

  • A’s, Raiders, and Warriors Pre and Post Game show with Chris Townsend
  • The Damon Bruce Show
  • A’s Post Game show with Chris Townsend
  • Guru and Zakariah show
  • Afternoon Delight with Greg Papa and John Lund.
  • The Wheelhouse show with John Lund and Greg Papa, Andrea shares her unique insights on May 21, 2013
  • The Chris Townsend show

ESPN Radio

  • ESPN Marty and McGee show Super Bowl XLIX
  • ESPN All Night with Jason Smith (LeBron James Prediction July 6, 2010 )
  • AllNight with Todd Wright
  • ESPN Game Night Radio
  • ESPN Austin "The Big Show"
  • ESPN All Night with Jason Smith (Super Bowl XLI audio )

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  • The Robin Lundberg show

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  • Ken Carman Show
  • Andy Gresh Show
  • Boomer and Carton Show
  • Nanos at Night
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  • After Hours with Amy Lawrence
  • Ken Carman show, June 3, 2015 Sports Astrology Warriors vs. Cavaliers, Steph Curry vs. LeBron James


  • The Jason Smith Show
  • The Third Shift
  • The Ben Maller Show

FS1 Fox Sports1

  • Giants Sports Astrology

WFAN RADIO 66 AM, New York’s Flagship Sports Station.

  • John Jastremski show #JJAfterDark
  • Interview with Steve Somers, Yankees vs. Red Sox Playoff Sports Astrology

KFRC Radio San Francisco, CA

  • Official Astrologer, Oakland A’s Post-Game Show, "Extra Innings" w/Robert Buan
  • Right Off The Bat, A’s Pre-Game show with Marty Lurie Cammy and Dean Morning Show listen to the audio Andrea Mallis - forecast for the Oakland A's - with Cammy & Dean - Thursday, 22nd January, 2004.  Listen to Andrea's predictions from the Cammy and Dean Morning show on YouTube

KNBR 1050 Sports Radio

  • Rod Brooks Show
  • 49'ers Insiders Show w/Jonas Jennings and John Shrader

NBC Sports Radio

  • The Seth Everett Show

WOR NY Radio 710 Sports Zone with Pete McCarthy

GENY New York Mets Podcast

Empower U

KMPC Radio Los Angeles, CA,

  • Sporting News Radio, Fred Roggin Show

KSJO Radio San Jose, CA,  

  • Zakk Tyler show

WTDY Radio Madison, Wisconsin,

  • Casey James show

KHTK 1150 Sacramento, Sports Talk Radio, The Sacramento Kings and NFL Playoffs on "The Jim Kozimor Showgram"

SF Giants Magazine
Ultimate Sports Guide Magazine
Oakland A's, "Star Players" Athletics Magazine Sept. 2001
Sports Astrology player profiles for half of all Major League Baseball Teams magazines including:

  • Chicago Cubs  
  • Colorado Rockies  
  • Oakland Athletics  
  • Arizona Diamondbacks  
  • New York Yankees   
  • Anaheim Angels       
  • Boston Red Sox   
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Cleveland Indians   
  • Philadelphia Phillies   
  • Cincinnati Reds    
  • San Diego Padres  
  • Texas Rangers  
  • Detroit Tigers          
  • Love of the Game


Andrea is in her fourth season as astrologer on Extra Innings with Robert Buan on KFRC Radio, the Oakland Athletics flagship station, where she presents the popular "Astrology Minute" feature.

PAGE 2 "What’s in the Stars for the Superstars?" Dec. 31, 2003
PAGE 2 "What’s in the Stars for the Superstars?" Jan. 2, 2003

"Stars Aligned for Many in Series," Oct. 25, 2002

MLB.COM, "Checking the Signs" April 04, 2008, "Checking the Signs" Sept 28, 2007, "Checking the Signs" Sept 7, 2007, "Checking the Signs" August 3, 2007, "Checking the Signs" July 6, 2007, "Checking the Signs" June 1, 2007, "Checking the Signs" May 4, 2007, "Checking the Signs" April 6, 2007, "Checking the Signs" September 29, 2006, "Checking the Signs" September 1, 2006, "Checking the Signs" August 3, 2006, "Checking the Signs" July 7, 2006, "Checking the Signs" June 2, 2006, "Checking the Signs" May 5, 2006, "Checking the signs" April 7, 2006

"Left Field,” Columns July 4, 2002 & August 1, 2002
"Q & A with Andrea Mallis, Oakland A's Astrologer" March 3, 2005

ESPN Hot List Host Brian Revsine interviewing Andrea on "What the Stars Say About the World Series." The Red Sox proved victorious on the Full of an Eclipsed Red Moon, on Oct. 27, 2004, sweeping the St.Louis Cardinals in 4 games.

Featured Television Appearances


  • Andrea on G-Mag, Giants Magazine TV Show, May 26, 2012
  • Sportsnet Central: San Francisco Giants World Series Orange October, October 29, 2010


  • ALL A's, April 12, 2012


  • ALL A's, April 12, 2012
  • A’s Playoffs interview with Laura Anthony, October 2013
  • San Francisco Psychics and Astrologer Shed Light on Super Bowl 50 with Tim Didion February 4, 2016


  • NBC 11 Astrologist Predicts Warriors will win NBA Finals June 5, 2015
  • Channel 11 NBC Bay Area News, San Francisco Giants World Series Sports Astrology, October 26, 2010


  • SportsCenter Playoff/World Series 2005 Sports Astrology interview with Chris McKendry, September 28, 2005
  • ESPN NEWS with Dave Revsine, Red Sox vs. Cardinals Astrology, October 22, 2004
  • ESPN NEWS with Brian Kenny, Baseball Playoffs Sports Astrology, October 4, 2004
  • ESPN 2 COLD PIZZA, "What's in the Superstars Stars" January 7, 2004
  • SportsCenter, "A's 20 game win streak," interview with Rich Eisen, September 5, 2002
  • News, "A's Astrology" August 11, 2002
  • Baseball Tonight, with Buck Showalter, Harold Reynolds, Karl Ravech, August 11, 2002
  • SportsCenter, "A's Astrology" interview with Scott Walker, August 11, 12, 14, 2002
  • Game Day with Dennis O'Donnell, "When Will Barry Bonds Return for 2005 season"?, May 22, 2005
  • Channel 5 KPIX, "Playoff Astrology of the A’s/Red Sox" with Mike Sugerman, Oct. 1, 2003
  • Game Day with Dennis O'Donnell, "Barry Bonds Knee Injury", May 25, 2003
  • Game Day with Dennis O'Donnell, "A's/Giants Celestial Preview", March 30, 2003
  • Eyewitness News, "Baseball Astrology" with Bill Schechner, July 31, 2002


  • Channel 2 KTVU Sports Wrap, Even Year Sports Astrology for SF Giants April 3, 2016 with Scott Reiss
  • Channel 2 KTVU SF Giants special with Sportscaster Scott Reiss. “Armed and Dangerous” Giants special on March 25, 2016
  • Channel 2 KTVU News, Interview with Ken Wayne on San Francisco Giants Playoffs, October 13, 2014
  • Channel 2 KTVU Eyewitness News, "Opening Night A's Season Preview" with Ken Wayne,April 5, 2004
  • Channel 2 KTVU, "A's Playoff Astrology Interview" with John Sasaki, Oct. 1, 2003
  • Channel 2 KTVU Eyewitness News, "Opening Day A's Preview" with John Sasaki, April 1, 2003


  • Channel 4 KRON News, "Giants World Series Sports Astrology" with Vern Glenn and Gary Radnich, October 27, 2010
  • Channel 4 KRON SPORTS FINAL with Vern Glenn, Bay Area Sports Astrology, September, 2006
  • Channel 4 KRON News, "A's/Twins Playoff Astrology" with Noel Cisneros, October 1, 2002

NBC 11

  • KNTV NBC Bay Area 11
  • NBC 11 Astrologist Predicts Warriors will win NBA Finals June 5, 2015
  • Channel 4 KNTV NBC 11 Sports Astrology Update on Bay Area Teams with Sports Anchor Daryl Hawks, September 27, 2005
  • Channel 4 KNTV NBC 11 Sports Sunday with Raj Mathai, Sports Astrology Forecast of S.F. 49ers Alex Smith October 2, 2005

SNY SportsNet New York

  • SNY SportsNet New York, Loudmouths Show with Chris Carlin and Adam Schein, March 10, 2011

Other Stations:

  • Channel 28 BTV Berkeley Community Media "Baseball Winter Meetings 2005" Dec 21, 2005
  • Channel 28 BTV Berkeley Community Media, "Pete Rose, Kobe Bryant astrology from ESPN.COM Page 2 article" Jan. 22, 2004
  • Channel 25 BTV Berkeley Community Media, "A's/Giants Subway Series Chances" Sept. 30, 2003
  • Comcast Sports Net, " Chicago Tribune Live" with Fred Mitchell on Baseball Winter Meetings, December 9, 2005

The Stars reversed the curse for the Boston Red Sox in very historic and dramatic fashion as they won their first World Series since 1918!

Featured Newspaper/Magazine appearances:

San Francisco Chronicle

New York Daily News

San Jose Mercury News

East Bay Monthly Magazine

Oakland Tribune

Contra Costa Times

Las Vegas Sun

Wall Street Journal



  • Page 1 Page 2 ,  "In the Stars" Sports Horoscopes December 2007

Nashville Scene Newspaper, Nashville Tennessee

USA Today

Contra Costa Times

Oakland Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Kansas City Star

New York Post

Oakland Tribune

Diablo Magazine

New York Magazine:

Sports Illustrated

Chicago Sun Times

Albany Times Union,

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine

  • "Astrologer Charts Course for Baseball Team" Oct/Nov 2002

East Bay Express Weekly

Oakland Tribune


Andrea with Rick Barry, sharing her thoughts with KNBR listeners


Stellar Recommendations:

"I met Andrea during the Oakland A's Moneyball Era and now enjoy her accurate and enlightening insights on the SF Giants on my KNBR Radio show."

Eric Brynes, former Oakland A's outfielder, MLB Network Analyst

"Andrea has appeared on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter, and it's always a pleasure to work with Andrea. To meet her is to know her and to know her is to love her. Her heart is warm, her eccentricty delightful, her passion for baseball contagious, and her knowledge of astrology umatched."

Lisa Fenn, Associate Producer, ESPN TV

"Andrea's columns have been well-received by A's fans, who seem to come to the website in search of a closer connection to the players as people. Despite focusing primarily on baseball issues in her planetary profiles, Andrea helps give them that by revealing nuggets about the players' personal characteristics and tendencies. Her contributions to the site were frequently right on the money."

Mychael Urban, Oakland A's national writer, and author of ACES: The Last Season on the Mound with the Oakland A's Big Three -- Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito

"I'm no stranger to baseball charts, but I was hardly prepared for the stellar work of Andrea Mallis, who schlepped all sorts of amazing information to the Coliseum for my story about her. My chart, the A's chart, Tim Hudson's chart, Art's chart. It was great fun, and she was right: the A's, who had been playing rather funky baseball, were ready to fly she said; about a week later The Streak began."
"In the course of our interview, Andrea told me she hopes to be the A's Director of Intuitive Arts.......sort of like an astrological bench coach. Who knows, maybe she'll blaze a trail.....sort of like a comet in the night sky.....and add new meaning to the word "lineup". Go Andrea! Go A's!"

Bill Schechner, reporter/anchor Channel 5, KPIX News

"I had the pleasure to be the first to interview Andrea Mallis, baseball's only astrologer, on her pioneering work with the Oakland A's at the beginning of the 2002 season. With her keen knowledge of baseball, Mallis mapped out the player's astrological charts and accurately concluded the team was in for a record breaking year. Since the Age of Aquarius is finally upon us, the time has come for the sports world to stand up and take notice of Mallis' unique talents."

Paul Kilduff, East Bay Monthly

" My interview with Andrea Mallis, who has been dubbed the official astrologer of the Oakland Athletics, was one of my most enlightening conversations. With incredible enthusiasm, she reels off pitching stats and planetary locations in the same breath, making for a magical blend of baseball acumen and astrology. Baseball players are always looking for that extra competitive edge-and the A's being a particularly progressive team-it would seem a fine fit for her to become the "Director of Intuitive Arts."

Angela Hill, Staff Writer, Oakland Tribune

Andrea brought a unique angle to Padres Magazine. Her astrological profiles went beyond the statistics and explored the players personalities, on and off the field. She made readers stop and think at the end of her piece, giving a new perspective of their favorite players. Andrea was a welcome and very dependable addition to Padres Magazine in 2002.

Steve Hoem, Editor, San Diego Padres Magazine

Andrea with Rick Barry, sharing her thoughts with KNBR listeners

This is my specialty — the ever-fascinating blend of baseball and astrology. The sports world is catching on to this unique, insightful mix!


"Through her writing, Andrea Mallis provided our Texas Rangers game program with informative and entertaining astrological pieces about the team. Often, when it comes to our players, fans only get to see what's listed in the box scores. Andrea was able to give our readers a different perspective that was fun and light-hearted. She quickly proved that not only does she have an insight into the astrological world, but she also knows her baseball! Andrea was a pleasure to work with and a real bonus to our publication."

Kurt Daniels, Editor, Texas Rangers Magazine

"Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, is the total package I look for in a radio guest. She knows her stuff, but still knows how to share a good laugh. She offered great insight (some accuracy's were downright eerie) and a unique angle to my sports segments."

Zakk Tyler, KSJO radio San Jose, Zakk Tyler show

"Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis provided a fascinating perspective on Barry Bonds astrology chart for my show. She revealed the complex person he is with her witty and engaging analysis. She's very knowledgeable about baseball and is welcome back to KNBR radio anytime."

Rick Barry, KNBR Radio San Francisco, Rick Barry show

"Andrea's expert analysis of Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito's astrology made the average listener take notice. I received many compliments on the show and requests that Andrea return. I look forward to having her on "Right off the Bat" next season."

Marty Lurie, KRFC Oakland A's radio, "Right off the Bat" pregame show

"Andrea did a very professional job sharing her sports astrology insights on the year ahead for the Lakers, Dodgers, USC, and UCLA Bruins on Sporting News Radio. She pegged Laker's coach Phil Jackson to a T! Listeners enjoyed her ideas, and I later shared her intriguing thoughts on my sports segment on NBC TV. She did a great job and I look forward to having her on again soon."

Fred Roggin, KMPC Sporting News Radio and NBC TV sports anchor, Los Angeles

"We were trying to find a way to make the Reds' new weekly newsletter more entertaining. Andrea's contribution definitely spiced it up with a well researched, informative and so far, eerily accurate, piece on the 2003 team. We look forward to using her services again in the future."

Dann Stupp, Cincinnati Reds, Editor, RedLegs Weekly


"Andrea was one of the most entertaining & uniquely informative guests I've had the pleasure of interviewing. Her appearance on "The Big Show" the week of the Texas/Oklahoma Red River Football Shootout earned more than rave reviews from listeners. Her accuracies are fascinating. Even if you don't believe in astrology, Andrea will leave you entertained and curious to say the least!"

Dave Tepper, Host of "The Big Show", ESPN Radio-Austin, TX


“Andrea was not only on the mark with her calculations, she was able to confidently predict, that curses notwithstanding, the Boston Red Sox would beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS….for those in Red Sox Nation, this was sweet music.”

Steve Somers, Host of the “Steve Somers Show”, WFAN Radio New York


"Andrea did a recent interview on Todd Wright's Show on ESPN Radio. Andrea brought her enthusiasm and knowledge and made for a fun interview. Her predictions had everyone anticipating whether the stars would really align for the A's. Andrea has become quite the person in demand at ESPN, as the television side has also talked to her on more than one occasion. I'm sure with Andrea the stars the limit!"

Louise Cornetta, Executive Producer, ESPN AllNight Radio

"Andrea Mallis appeared on ‘Sports Sunday’ in October of 2005…she was great! This was no ‘fluff’ segment. Mallis came prepared w/ detailed notes – and more importantly – accurate observations on Bay Area sports teams. Her forecast on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was right on."

Raj Mathai, NBC 11 Sports Director

"Here's the biggest compliment I think anyone can pay Andrea. After one of her first appearances on the show, we got an e-mail from a listener who said he didn't believe in astrology at all, but still loved listening to Andrea and hoped we continued to have her on. To use Andrea's favorite sport of baseball, she's a five-tool astrologer: her knowledge, predictions, ability to have fun, charisma and overall demeanor can win over everyone. We're honored to have her as the official astrologer of ESPN AllNight Radio!"

Jason Smith, Host, "AllNight with Jason Smith" on ESPN Radio

"Andrea is the resident Sports Astrologer at, and we enjoy having her insightful monthly horoscope column Checking the Signs, where she shares her accurate predictions and uncanny personality profiles on Major League players."

John Schlegel, Executive Editor, West Divisions

"I hired Andrea Mallis to evaluate ballplayers in 2004 for my book Fantasyland. Her track record was tremendous. Laugh all you want, then hire her. You won't be sorry."

Sam Walker, Wall Street Journal sports columnist, author

"Andrea has a proven track record"

GM, Al East Team and NL West Executive

"I interviewed sports astrologer Andrea Mallis on the fates of the Bay Area sports teams. She was very thorough and prepared, studying the birth chart characteristics and forecasts of the managers/coaches and each marquee player. She charted the A's, Giants, Raiders, 49ers, Warriors, Sharks and Cal football with much accuracy and enlightenment."

Dave Newhouse, Oakland Tribune veteran sportswriter

"Astrology is an ancient science that reveals untapped potential, conveying practical insight in the ability to reach goals. Knowledge is power, and Andrea's pioneering work in sports astrology imparts a unique, competitive advantage. It's a recipe for success and a valuable tool, mapping paths to emotional performance, mental preparedness, physical potential, and injury proneness. Andrea's innovative work truly supports the transformative process-getting to know athletes on a deeper level by revealing their innermost essence. Her perceptive insights into energy cycles maximize player potential, nurturing performance at optimal levels, while navigating through rough waters. Andrea has great instincts on how to make the most of athletes’ positive cycles and how to overcome any challenging phases utilizing alternative solutions and a series of options to best guide and keep them on track. Andrea's blend of intuition and baseball knowledge is a gift to the sports world. "

Rick Peterson, New York Mets Pitching Coach

"It's been fun working with Andrea on my KNBR radio show, Sportsphone 680 with F.P. Santangelo. She had a special hotline number where she would call in, and my listeners really enjoyed her unique sports astrology angle and insights on the players. It was a memorable season, capped off by a Giants World Series win. She's passionate, entertaining, accurate and informative... Andrea really knows her sports and is a good sport! "

F.P. Santangelo KNBR radio host Sportsphone 680 and Comcast SportsNet SF Giants Analyst

Andrea's awesome. I first worked with her in 2003 on Fantasyland, and tried to work her into every job I've had--at the WSJ, AOL Sports, and now CBS. She has this perfect combination of a unique skillset coupled with legitimate knowledge of baseball, which allows her to present all of this really well-researched data, and relate it to a baseball fan. It makes her great for guest spots. Readers and viewers walk away not knowing what hit them, but commenting on how they want to see more of her. 

Ferdinando DiFino, Executive Producer, Fantasy Baseball 360, CBS SPORTS.COM

Andrea’s skills and talents are truly unique, combining insightful sports commentary with a deep astrological background that provides readers with viewpoints found nowhere else. Coupled with a strong and lively personality, Andrea rewards all sports fans with her delightful, informed presence.

Christopher Weills, Publisher, Ultimate Sports Guide

We have been following Andrea’s sports astrology readings on line for over a year and decided to order a reading for my son Tyler, a pitcher in the San Francisco Giants organization. Her insight into both the current and future performance cycles were both insightful and exciting. I would highly recommend to all those who seek an understanding into both personal and professional energy cycles. It was a great understanding of how timing, performance cycles and opportunities all work together.

Walter Beede, Founder and Executive Director of Baseball Process

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