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Andrea on ESPN

Andrea celebrates her fourth season as Astrologer on the A's post game radio show "Extra Innings"

Robert Buan, host of "Extra Innings", 2004 Rookie of the Year shortstop
Bobby Crosby, and Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis, share insights
at live taping at Field Irish Pub, Oakland Coliseum in April 2005


Andrea with Robert Buan sharing some lively planetary revelations on the A's at Field Irish Pub Extra Innings radio show May 2005.

Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis appeared on Channel 5 Game Day with host Dennis O'Donnell May 22, 2005 to discuss temperamental Leo Barry Bonds astrology chart. The 2005 season looks done for Bonds, due to Saturn,
planet of karma and limitation.

Andrea explains the details of Barry Bonds astrology chart as quizzical Sagittarius Dennis O'Donnell looks on.

Andrea has appeared on Channel 5 Game Day several times and
always enjoys sharing her sports astrology with the Bay Area

Dennis and Andrea at Oakland A's Root Beer Float Day.

Detailed Virgo David Feldman, Fantasy Baseball Expert, Andrea and Marty Lurie, host of "Baseball Saturday Night" radio show at Fenton's Creamery live taping in Oakland to exchange timely baseball information.


Mychael Urban, MLB.Com reporter and A's beat writer
with Andrea at his book signing of "Aces" chronicling
the Last Season on the Mound with the Oakland A's Big
Three, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito.
Intriguing read!

Robert, Andrea and A's Ron Washington for the "Weekly Wash" show on Extra Innings post game radio show.

Andrea and Mike Krupicka, Director of Remote Operations of Extra Innings.

Balancing sports with the sacred feminine, Andrea and her
woman's spirituality teacher Vicki Noble at Belladonna
Healing Sanctuary, Berkeley, CA

Oakland A's Outfielder Aquarius Nick Swisher, Sagittarius Pitcher Joe
Blanton and Leo Pitcher Huston Street, with host Robert Buan at Extra
Innings live radio taping at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley, CA June 2005

A's friendly Sagittarius pitcher Joe Blanton and Andrea
at Pyramid Brewery Extra Innings.

Andrea and radiant Leo A's pitcher Huston Street at Extra Innings show.

Andrea and A's gregarious Aquarius outfielder Nick Swisher at
Extra Innings radio show.

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