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MONEYBALL MOVIE PHOTO SHOOT at the Oakland Athletics Stadium, The Coliseum, Oakland, California JULY 2010

Based on the book by Michael Lewis, Moneyball: the Art of Winning an Unfair Game, published in 2003, the movie Moneyball began filming at the Oakland Coliseum in July of 2010. Staring Brad Pitt as pioneering Aries A's General Manager Billy Beane, it was a trip back in time to be in the crowd as an extra along with thousands of other fans.  

Lively A's fans in the stands at the Moneyball photo shoot

The awesome waterfalls in front of the Bellagio Hotel where the Winter Meetings took place

A fan with Stomper, the playful A's mascot, got in the act, too!

Cute, young A's fans sharing a memorable day

Fans proudly display their Zito signs, I fondly recall a "Planet Zito" banner that used to hang in the upper deck of the Coliseum

More A's fan signs, these for Miguel Tejada who was the shortstop at the time with third baseman Eric Chavez

Keeping it simple and fun with "Let's Go Oakland"

Some fans even painted their faces with team colors, really getting capturing the spirit

Unique fans, unique sign...will look for them in the movie for sure

As night falls, the scene shifts to a simulated baseball game on the field

A bunch of joyful A's fans share this section

My people-oriented Aquarian friend and long time A's fan Barbara, who accompanied me to the Moneyball filming photo shoot, is always up for an unconventional experience

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