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Baseball Winter Meetings, Anaheim California, December 2004

This exciting Annual Event is an opportunity for baseball's
backbone to reflect and plan for the season ahead.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, attended the annual Baseball Winter Meetings
in Anaheim California in December 2004 to share her unique expertise.


Philosophical Sagittarius and Associated Press Sports Writer Jimmy Gollin interviewing Andrea about her pioneering work in Sports Astrology at the Winter Meetings.

To read captivating article,  please go to baseball articles page.

Omar Minaya, New York Mets General Manager and charismatic Scorpio, and life long Mets fan Andrea paths finally cross at the Winter Meetings


A busy Virgo's day is never done.............
dashing off to the media work room.


Andrea and Tim Kurkjian, host of Baseball Tonight
and ESPN the Magazine writer

Andrea and Steve Phillips, friendly Taurus and
former Mets GM, and an enthusiastic ESPN reporter.

Andrea and fiery Aries Peter Gammons,
Major League Baseball journalist and ESPN analyst.

Andrea is in her fourth season as Sports Astrologer on the Oakland Athletics
KFRC's Radio "Extra Innings" post-game show with host Robert Buan.

After weekend home games, the Extra Innings show is live
from the Field Irish Pub at the Oakland Coliseum

Andrea is also a frequent contributor to KNBR Radio,
The Sports Leader, San Francisco, CA

She enjoys sharing her unique sports astrology perspective on the "Rick and Rod" show with Aries Rick Barry and Virgo Rod Brooks, & the "Razor and Mr. T" show with Scorpio Ralph Barbieri and Libra Tom Tolbert.

Andrea getting ready to share her insights on the Oakland A's
on KFRC radio at the Oakland Coliseum.

Andrea and ESPN baseball commentator and author
of the Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers, Rob Neyer.
Intuitive Cancer Rob was the guest speaker at the
first annual A's Sabermetric Day.

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