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"Moneyball" originally a book by Berkeley author Michael Lewis, centers on the 2002 Oakland Athletics baseball team, who were led by general manager Billy Beane to an excellent season despite having the lowest payroll in the major leagues. It was an honor to be the Oakland A's astrologer during the Moneyball Era, throwing the conventional baseball world a curve.

The Moneyball movie premiered in Oakland at the legendary Paramount Theatre on September 19, 2011, with Brad Pitt in attendance playing Billy Beane. How awesome to be there, as things came full circle, an enlightening and entertaining evening for all.

Friendly Sagittarius Brad Pitt signing autographs outside the Paramount Theatre before the Moneyball premiere

The back of the Paramount Movie Theatre was transformed into a replica baseball field for the occasion

Brad Pitt arrives at the premiere

Good natured Brad swamped by A's fans signing autographs

Former Oakland A's player and optimistic Sagittarius Scott Hatteberg, right, gets a bow from actor Chris Pratt, who plays him in "Moneyball", during the movie's premiere at the Paramount Theatre on Monday, Sept. 19, 2011, in Oakland, California

Yet another playful Sagittarius, actor Jonah Hill at the Moneyball premiere

Comcast SportsNet lucky Gemini Kate Longworth at Moneyball premiere

Outfielder Hideki Matsui and Brad Pitt on the green carpet (instead of red carpet:)

Former Oakland Athletic during the Moneyball Era, outgoing Aries David Justice

Andrea being interviewed by Channel 2 KTVU Ken Wayne at Moneyball premiere

Andrea and Comcast SportsNet favorite Cancerian curmudgeon Ray Ratto Ray has been a SF Bay Area sportswriter since the 1970's and is the Senior Insider for the TV station Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

larger than life Moneyball poster

Paramount Movie Theatre marquee proudly displays Moneyball Premiere

fans getting into the Moneyball spirit

Oaksterdam University is just a few blocks away from the Paramount Theatre and sent their good vibes

Former Oakland A's coach during the Moneyball Era and current manager of the Texas Rangers, determined Taurus Ron Washington, know as "Wash" and Andrea outside the Paramount before the Premiere.

Ron Washington and Oakland A's booster club leader and hard working Virgo Sara Somers.

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