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San Francisco Giants Fanfest
February 4, 2012 at AT&T Park

Andrea at the San Francisco Giants Fanfest, Willie Mays Gate, on February 4, 2012.

Fans crowd into AT&T Park for the annual Giants Fanfest.

Friendly infielders Aquarius Brandon Crawford and Taurus Brandon Belt sign autographs.

A Panda fan struts across the field at AT&T Park seeking an autograph from Pablo Sandoval at the FanFest.

Impressive display of autographed baseballs at the Giants club level at AT&T Park.

Towering Timmy sign.

Witty Gemini Tim Lincecum being interviewed by Murph and Mac on KNBR.

Sociable Gemini Tim in the crowd.

Lighthearted Gemini Tim making a young fan very happy.

Andrea and Giants Super Hero Fan.

Crazy Crab, the Giants former Mascot, quite a colorful character, and me.

More Mascots, this time Charlie Brown and Lucy.

Giants 2010 World Series Trophy.

Entertaining Panel Discussion with confident Aries Buster Posey, exploring Sagittarius Aubrey Huff, and talkative Gemini Tim Lincecum.

Andrea at the KNBR radio booth. Currently, Andrea is the sports astrologer on Sportsphone 680, The Eric Brynes show.

Giants GM, intuitive Cancer Brian Sabean, joins the panel, no doubt marveling about the fun group he put together.

Andrea and emotional Cancer, and Giants GM, Brian Sabean.

Stopping by the Bloomberg Sports Booth to talk Fantasy Baseball with fellow Virgo Steve Flatow, Head of Marketing for Bloomberg Sports.

On the way home, check out this tricked out Giants ride!

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