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Andrea and ArtAndrea and A's philosophical Sagittarius Art Howe, the manager with the disposition of a Boddhisatva (saint)
Andrea and Mark
Andrea and swift Gemini second baseman Mark Ellis. Andrea profiled Mark's astrology chart for the A's web site on A's Feature News July 3, 2002

Andrea and Ted
Andrea and serious Capricorn Ted Lilly. Added to the A's pitching arsenal, learn more about his uncommon astrology on A's Feature News August 1, 2002
Andrea and Barry
Andrea and A's mellow Taurus pitcher Barry Zito, who's having a superb year
Andrea and Eric
Andrea and Aquarius Eric Brynes. Andrea highlighted
energetic Eric's astrology on A's Feature News May 24, 2002

Andrea and Billy
Andrea and daring Sagittarius
Billy Koch, A's courageous closer


Andrea and Jermaine

Andrea and A's rightfielder Jermaine Dye. Another unique Aquarius, I clarify Jermaine's astrology on A's Feature News August 1, 2002
Andrea and Jim
Andrea and A's determined
Taurus pitcher Jim Mecir
Virgo's Rule!
Andrea and fellow hard working Virgo, A's reliever Chad Bradford

Andrea and John
Andrea and friendly Libra
"utility man" of the A's, John Mabry

 An elephant hug from Stomper
Stomper Squeeze Play at A's 4th of July party!

Elephants Rule!
Andrea and her favorite pachyderm Stomper

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