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The San Francisco Giants World Series 2010

The Giants relocated from New York to San Francisco in 1958. And in 2010, they won their first World Series in 56 years, by defeating the Texas Rangers four games to one. It was very exciting, and a long overdue victory.  Thanks to a band of self-described castoffs and misfits, and their long haired Gemini ace, they pulled together as  team. In the Year of the Pitcher, the World Series proved the old adage true: Good pitching stops good hitting. Lincecum and the team with the best ERA in the major leagues shut down the Texas Rangers, the team  with the major's top batting average.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, skills were in great demand during the Giants exciting World Series.

Andrea appeared on NBC Bay Area News, correctly forecasting Tim Lincecum's astrology chart for Game One, and also shared her insights with Sports Anchor and Reporter Vern Glenn from KRON 4 News. She's the official astrologer for KNBR Sports Radio, The Sports Leader, F.P. Santangelo's Sportsphone 680 Show.

The highlight of this whirlwind was a featured appearance on COMCAST SPORTSNET Bay Area, SportsNet Central Orange October, on October 29, 2010.

Andrea enjoying the Giants World Series parade, attended by nearly a million people on Market Street in downtown San Francisco, on November 3, 2010

Andrea's sports astrology was put to the test on NBC Bay Area News on October 26, 2010 where she accurately predicted the Giants win in Game One and delved into the details of Tim Lincecum's astrology forecast at her baseball gods and goddesses altar.

On Wednesday October 27, 2010, Andrea was at ATT Park at the KNBR Radio Booth sharing her celestial prophecies with Sportsphone 680 host, charismatic Scorpio F.P. Santangelo.


Andrea goes way back to her A's days with gregarious Aquarius Marty Lurie, now host of the KNBR Giants Pre and Post Game show, where Andrea shares her predictions. A life-long baseball fan since Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, Marty is admired for his marathon radio shows.

Andrea at the KNBR 680 SportsRadio booth

An Obama look-a-like gets into the act, with a Bochy-Posey ticket, that would be a landslide in SF!

Jen Violet, who is KNBR's executive producer, invited her dad John Violet, and her very special "Rally Baby" playful sun sign Leo, Landon Kennedy, to the party

Later that day at ATT Park, Andrea was interviewed by methodical Capricorn Vern Glenn, Sports Anchor and Reporter from KRON 4 News, on the Giants starting rotation.

Tim Lincecum's dad, Chris Lincecum, and Andrea.  Chris has his own lively KNBR Sportsradio show "Father Knows Best" and taught Tim his unusual pitching style. A gracious Libra, Chris shared Timmy's birth time with me and made my day.

Tom Tolbert, affable Libra from the Razor and Mr. T KNBR radio show, and Andrea Tolbert played a total of 7 seasons in the NBA including the Warriors

The Razor, incisive Scorpio Ralph Barbieri, and easy-going Libra Mr. T, Tom Tolbert, perform their popular KNBR radio show "The Razor and Mr. T" live at ATT Park

Brian Wilson, the SF Giants quirky yet powerful closer, inspired this mischievous "Fear the Beard" T shirt.

Mychael Urban, hard-working Virgo, multi-tasking between KNBR Sportsphone 680 Giants warm-up and CSN Bay Area.com MLB insider, and fellow dutiful Virgo Andrea at the center of the baseball universe

San Francisco's odd mix of baseball and politics reverberates in "Beat Texas Rangers and Oil", we did both

More sports and unique Bay Area politics mix at Willie Mays Plaza at ATT Park

It was my first World Series, although I vaguely remember the NY Mets wining the World Series in 1969

"Fear the Freak", a colorful character reminds us of the power of Timmy!

This trendy T shirt implores us to let free-spirited Timmy smoke

Comcast SportsNet Sportscaster Dave Benz, interviews Giants fan, native San Franciscan, actor and comedian Rob Schneider, with F.P.Santangelo at Willie Mays plaza at ATT Park for a very entertaining pre-game show

Sports radio host, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, formerly of "Mike and the Mad Dog" on WFAN, now on Sirius XM Radio, was another lively CSN Sportsnet Central interview on Wille Mays Plaza

Comcast SportsNet Sportscaster Dave Benz, interviews Giants fan, native San Franciscan, actor and comedian Rob Schneider, with F.P.Santangelo at Willie Mays plaza at AT&T Park for a very entertaining pre-game show

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