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Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer enjoyed sharing her unique insights at her fifth Winter Meeting. Her pioneering work was featured in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper titled "Runs, Hits, Errors- and- Biorhythms at Winter Meetings"

Setting the stage for memorable meetings, Andrea at the famous "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

The awesome waterfalls in front of the Bellagio Hotel where the Winter Meetings took place

Andrea and Mets General Manager, magnetic Scorpio Omar Minaya, greet each other in Bellagio lobby at the holiday tree

Ron Washington, originally from the A's, a patient Taurus and now Texas Rangers manager, and Andrea

Buoyant Sagittarius Harold Reynolds from the MLB Network, and Andrea

Andrea and energetic Aries Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants manager

MLB.COM Taurus commentator Casey and Andrea at the mlb.com stage

Tommy Lasorda, Hall of Fame Dodgers manager and fellow Virgo, and Andrea.

FYet another hard-working Virgo, Cubs manager Lou Pinella and Andrea

Andrea and Bobby Valentine, determined Taurus and former Mets manager

Yet another persevering Taurus, ESPN commentator Steve Phillips and Andrea

Andrea and Tony La Russa, gregarious Libra and St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony is also the founder of ARF, the wonderfully humanitarian Bay Area Animal Rescue Foundation

Hall of Famer Frank Robinson and MLB.com's Billy Sample

Assertive Aries A's Manager Billy Beane and Andrea

Colorful Capricorn Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen and Andrea

Andrea and Aries Ned Colletti, Dodgers General Manager

Dodgers manager Joe Torre being interviewed by MLB.com's Billy Sample

Tenacious Cancer Dodgers manager Joe Torre and Andrea

Andrea and light-hearted Gemini manager of the Cincinnati Reds, Dusty Baker

Andrea and philosophical Sagittarius Tim Kurkjian, MLB Analyst for ESPN's Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter, outside the Media workroom

Andrea, enduring Taurus Jim Duquette, Sirius XM Radio host, and Fox Sportswriter Bob Klapisch

Incisive Scorpio Sportswriter David Lennon from New York's Newsday and Andre

Helpful Virgo friend Candye and Andrea at Las Vegas sign

Mets manager industrious Capricorn Jerry Manuel and Andrea

Andrea and diplomatic Libra, Yankees Manager Joe Giradi

Desirous and powerful Scorpio Sports agent Scott Boras being interviewed by Jim Duquette from MLB.com

Andrea and affable Libra Matt Yaloff, Sportscaster from MLB.NETWORK

Andrea and National Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, lively Aries Don Sutton

The Mirage Hotel's Explosive Rebirth Exhibit seemed timely

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